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Those crazy japanese
Topic Started: Oct 7 2008, 10:02 PM (846 Views)
Dr. Sticky
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Laughing Mustang
Had me laughing at some points. :lol:

What happen to japanese transcriptions of Monochrome Set lyrics? Anyone have these?
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The Captain
Nice video...

"The Weird, Wild, And Wonderful World Of Tony Potts"


Stir into the essence pot
Close-up, cross-fade and mid-shot
Sprinkle short ends on the gruel
Tape splice and camera spool

Focus and fade
A-B rolling, f-stop and grade

Swirl the potpourri around
Sync-pulse, pic-sync and sync-sound
Chalk of slate and pinch of pan
Reclaims, reversals, recans

Mag-stripe, mic-tap
Kodachrome, cut-away and clap

Fire, burn, and cauldron, splutter
Double sprocket, frame line cutter
All hail, Murnau

Round about the cauldron go
In the Fujicolour throw
Leader, white or clear or black
Splice it with an atmos track

VNF, Plus X
Double X, Four X, Tri X

Make the gruel thick and slab
Com-mag, com-opt and sep-mag
T-core, B-winding and dub
Cool it with an actor's blood

Fade-out, fade-in
Double-headed, edge numbering

Fire, burn, and cauldron, simmer
Black/white spacing, grip and dimmer
All hail, Mayer

Pare a print in the potion
Season it with slow motion
By the swaying of the booms
Something wicked this way zooms

Coated and cut
Shutter speed, through the base, light-struck

Now about the cauldron sing
Mark it, in camera, running
Show your negs and grieve your art
Come like shadows, so depart

Mystic circle
Round the reel sparks now hurtle

Fire, burn, and cauldron, fester
Acetate and polyester
All hail, Fritz Lang

(japanese transciption)

Something gets me as the spark goes across the ignition
Sprinkle shot ends on the new ten by tens and the rough spool
Four pressed in vain every shutter stop and grain

2 o’clock early arousing asphyxes our zig-zag
Chocolate shake and the pen remains reversal precast
Might strike my town but it wasn’t that way inclined

Firebird, I’m going to start on a gamble
Sprocket frame lines out if all fails, moon hour

Round about noon caught a girl in a fudge bar restaurant
Led off a wild herd all black splashes with an old mustang
V and M plus S double 08 and four-eighths try S

Making the world take a slap on that form of cassette man
Think I’ll be winding a dark spool and gleaming a tall flood
Fate how fading double headed eight number is

Firebird, I’m holding thinner black lines
Spacing depending on bald tall men

Air frame that produces a liquid thought much of
By the swaying of the gloom something wicked persuades us
Hurls it at a gun, shutter speed to make light spun

Now about earth call this thing markers in camera running
Show you’re less angry your art casts a shadow so different
Round the roof tops now look up

Firebird, I’m holding fast to ashes
Patent polyester on sale, bread slam

I think I may have mentioned in one interview that the first time we went to Japan, I was interviewed by a famous writer, who thought I was a literary genius.

Some people think I'm enigmatic, but most of the time, I just don't know what to say.
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C's M
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Heel Scratcher
Oct 7 2008, 11:05 PM
Something wicked this way zooms

Round about noon caught a girl in a fudge bar restaurant
Led off a wild herd all black splashes with an old mustang
V and M plus S double 08 and four-eighths try S

I remember that Ray Bradbury!!

And where is my nearest fudge bar restaurant - it would appear to have my name on it - plus some other cryptic numerals...
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