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Here are our Guidelines for the forum. If you don't follow them you WILL either be temporarily suspended from the forum or banned completely. 1. NO SPAMMING! unless it's in Off-Topic 2. No posting links to competitor sites. Unless you get approval from an Administrator. 3. No inappropriate avatars or signatures/pictures. 4. No asking to be a moderator/administrator, We will have contests and polls for that. If you do ask, you may be banned. 5. NO BIG TEXT or BIG SIGNATURES! refer to our signatures 6. No insulting members or staff. It's a serious offense and you will be banned forever. 7. Absolutely no illegal activities are to be taken place on this forum! 8. If you aren't active in the forum then you'll be temporarily suspended, you should contribute to the forum. 9. Use proper grammar. 10.Have a good time Thank you! Updated Friday July 30th 2007