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Pikmin 2 Boss/Enemy Guide
Topic Started: Apr 6 2008, 03:21 PM (1,047 Views)
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Welcome to the...

[size=14]PIKMIN 2 BOSS GUIDE[/size]

I'll explain these by the appearance on the Piklopedia.

-NOTE- For difficulty I'll put 1-10 obviously.

This will be a short guide.

Empress Bulblax (Without Larva)


Strategy: Walk up to the head of the Empress Bulblax then throw a single pikmin on it so it wakes up. Run over to where she put her head and call your pikmin off. Make sure you get your purple pikmin out while she's just laying there staring at you. Then throw all the purple pikmin on at once. Get ready to call your pikmin off while she starts whining. When she starts thrashing, call your purple pikmin off, and just stand there. Repeat. It shouldn't take long with purple pikmin.

Burrowing Snagret


Strategy: Walk up to wherever the Snagret will pop out, if it just comes up all at once, run away. If it comes up with just it's head at first throw all your pikmin on it. And if you did enough damage, it will burrow back into the ground. Repeat. Try using white pikmin here; purple pikmin are slower, and the Snagret's a weakling anyway.

Beady Long-Legs


Strategy: Take about 10 yellow pikmin with you and approach the Beady Long-Legs. Stay under it while it's stomping around, and when it rests throw your yellow pikmin up at it. You should try using more pikmin, but 10 is safer.

Emperor Bulblax


Strategy: Take all your purple pikmin, and slowly approach the Emperor Bulbax. When it looks like you're going to throw pikmin inbetween his eyes, do so. He should die in a couple seconds.

Giant Breadbug


Strategy: Take all your yellow pikmin and destroy the anode beetles and generators around the room. Take your purple pikmin and surround anything he's dragging back to his nest. His health will go down 1/2 once they get to the ship. While he attempts to go get some more food, throw purple pikmin on his back.

Pileated Snagret


Strategy: See burrowing snagret, but you should definitely use white pikmin here.

Empress Bulblax (with larva)


Strategy: This has to be the most annoying boss ever. Throw all your pikmin on the ledge to the right. Bring Olimar up and call the pikmin to fight against the Empress Bulblax. See Empress Bulblax (without larva) and repeat.



Strategy: Throw your pikmin on when it rests, like Beady Long-Legs. Once it starts to hiss and steam comes out, run like mad! Run behind a metal barrier, it doesn't matter if it's smaller then olimar. Repeat.

Ranging Bloyster


Strategy: Seperate captains and give them an equal number of pikmin. Then bring them over to two seperate places. When the Ranging Bloyster notices you switch to the other captian, throw their pikmin on its tail. Switch to the other captain, then call the pikmin back and throw them on again. Repeat.



Strategy: During the first levels of the cave, just dodge him frequently. He shouldn't be a problem unless you're getting the treasures. Then it's annoying. On the final level, get your purple pikmin from the two flowers, then bring them along and around ten blue pikmin. When he appears throw purple pikmin near him, and he'll turn solid. Throw all your pikmin on until he isn't solid anymore. Repeat until he turns into a wuss. Repeat, until he's dead.

Segmented Crawbster


Strategy: Get about 15 white pikmin and enter the arena. When he rolls after you it's easy to dodge. Do so, then when he exposes his glowing underside wait for the rocks to fall then throw your pikmin on. Repeat.

Raging Long-Legs


Strategy: Get about 15 pikmin, and when it rests, throw them all on. When it starts to shake them off. Call your pikmin and get out of the way. Repeat.

Titan Dweevil


Strategy: Only bring your yellow pikmin with you... For the others, take the president and them as far away as you can. Take your yellow pikmin and throw them on the water pump first, because it has the longest range. If it starts using it, switch between both captains to whistle your pikmin. If it uses it's flamethrower or the poison bomb, simply step outside the arena. Don't worry if it uses it's electicity. Once you've gotten rid of the water pump, attack the electric generator. After it's gone take your white pikmin and get rid of the poison bomb. When it's gone take your red pikmin and attack the flamethrower. Once they're all gone, go and attack it. It can't hurt you.
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Vey Nice!
Pikmin 2 is a good game!
Vey Nice guide there!
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The Leviathan
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Woah, good guide man. The Titan Dweevil is a pain in the @ss.
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Nice guide. I'm not really a Pikmin fan, but I sort of enjoyed this game. :D
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Credit for the awesome KH sig goes to RunawayRed! :D
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