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Board Rules
By signing up with this board you agree to abide by the following rules*: - Primarily it is requested that you follow the basic tenements of Netiquette. By this it is meant to essentially follow the same standards of behaviour as you would display offline, and to above all else treat other users with the same kind of courtesy and respect that you yourself would wish to be treated. No member shall hinder in any way the enjoyment of the board for others. - Included therein is the request that flame-baiting, flaming or trolling be avoided. - Additionally it is requested that members will not post material of a pornographic, pseudo-pornographic, or sexual nature. - Further any posting of copyrighted material or the means by which it is possible to obtain said copyrighted material is prohibited. This includes Peer-to-Peer filesharing applications. - New members are to be treated with the utmost respect, and are not to be subjected to any activity that might hinder with their acceptance into the community. - New members are also requested to introduce themselves in the forum provided. - In cases of duplicate IPs a new account will be deleted on the discretion of the admins, especially in cases where it cannot be given that the account is not a sock-puppet. - Mindless bashing, by which is meant the irreverent posting of opinion in a violent manner, will not be tolerated. We will accept constructive criticism, but no bashing for the sake of bashing. - While political or religious discussions are not banned, we request that you be tactful when express your views and where appropriate use self-censorship. The administration will watch discussion of said nature more carefully than others! - While the natural flow of a discussion is encouraged, it is requested that spam and deliberate attempts to de-rail a thread be avoided where possible. - Anyone threatening death or serious injury to ANY leading public figure will get an immediate permanent-ban. No warnings. Do this and you're gone immediately! - It is also requested that you reserve the posting of your own links to your profile or the links thread provided. Any other posting qualifies as spam, and will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators. Anyone found to be in violation of any of the above will be issued a warning. Upon receiving three warnings, a member will be temporarily banned for a period of 24 hours. Upon receiving a fourth warning, the ban will be extended permanently and the userís account deleted. Additionally, sock-puppeting is not allowed. By sock-puppeting I mean setting-up a new member account here, thus getting around administrative decisions against yourself for violations of the above rules. The administators reserve the right to allow any member to return after being banned, however in the eventuality that any member should be allowed to return they will be here on a one-strike ruling for a period of one month. By which is meant, that if said member should break the rules once in that given period they would be banned immediately. If you believe anyone has violated any of these rules please DO NOT post commentary on the offending post/s, please use the report post button to inform a member of the moderation team. Thank you. We will also not, unless there are exceptional circumstances, change a members username on request. No offence to anyone, but we don't want to open the floodgates to everyone requesting a change and making more work for us. We will also not close a members account on request. * The board administration reserves the right to at any time amend these rules. By doing so we do not negate your responsibility to follow the rules expounded here.