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Queek Headtaker; useful?
Topic Started: 16th September 2014 - 02:49 AM (888 Views)
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Queek hits like a battering ram. the only time hes not going to slaughter is when hes up against a hard ward. If he doesn't kill outright, a lot of characters can beat down on him.

The fact that he has to challenge is pretty tough but he can make a unit of SV insanely strong. You get a lot of tools for only 215 points, which is not an insane amount.

Obviously a Fellblade warlord can do more hurt, but a warlord can get sniped out and his value dissipates, but Queeks SV bodyguard can still bring a lot of hurt.

Does anyone use him?
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I like him. He has been useful in the past. It's a lot of points to sink into infantry units when upgrading his SV, but in the right situation and death frenzy, the unit is pretty outstanding. Point for point, I'd take these guys against almost all other core units outside the skaven book.
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The Evil Underlord

Queeks unit may hit hard, but it dies just as fast as regular sv and costing almost 2wice the points. Obviously this is no different than elves but elves can buff their units defencively with extra toughnes, wards, and so on. My math doesnt factor the sv lasting long against ranged attacks. mr can help but hurt will still get through.
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To make him and his unit truly effective you almost have to add in another character to the unit to make sure they stick around. I used Queek and his bodyguard for a while, and over time i stopped bringing him. He's a lot of points, and if he gets sniped out or fails the challenge the rest of the unit is boned. Yes the have a higher WS and ST but they still have the crummy save. And since most people field them no different I assume you don't give them shields.

So now the question becomes do you add in a chieftain or Engineer with equipment to help out the unit? Ward sv against war machine weapons? Attached weapon team? BSB or just a magic standard? The points got waaaay too high for my liking on one unit.
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hmmm T3 5+ armour mini death star.... Sounds terrible. I think you would have to play it with dual abominations and plague monk with furnace horde for target satuation.... even then it well fall to pieces against dwellers bellow....

who do you mainly play against?
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Queek is fun to do occasionally. But he's nowhere near competitive.
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