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Grey Seer Build
Topic Started: 17th March 2013 - 08:48 PM (909 Views)

i got a gray seer in my army
but i got a few qeustions about the items
shall i give the gray seer a dispell scroll or something else or notthing?
because i dont have the big amry book i got only the pocket edition from island of blood
so can someone help with that
maibe a list of top 5 gray seer items ?
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Grey Seer
The little pocket book should have the list of items in the back.

Unless by "big army Book" you mean the Skaven army book. In which case... it doesn't have that many items that are sure takes for Grey Seers.
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For me I always run:

Talisman of presevation, power scroll, additional warptokens.

If on a bell I run:

Fencers blades, power scroll, additional warptokens, skalm.
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All of the rules in the BIG Red Book, are also in the Pocket Red Book. The big book has additional stories, painting guides, colored pictures, etc. but no additional rules.

The Armybook for Skaven has lots of additional rules, so much so that you can't really play skaven without it. Both books have Errata and FAQs on the GW website, I can provide links to these if you need them.

As for "how to gear your seer" this is an often debated topic, Try googling "Grey Seer Underempire" and you should gets lots of threads on here.
Hopefully Z-boards gets our internal search feature repaired soon too.
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