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Skaven slang; Looking for vocabulary
Topic Started: 22nd January 2011 - 02:50 AM (1,271 Views)
Cha-Pel the 13th
This one is new to the ways of the Skaven and has been speaking the tongue of the man-things for too long. I would be gracious if my fellow vermin could give me some slang that the great Skaven use when talk-speaking.
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Hey there Cha-pel. ^_^

Two of the most common things you will see Skaven use that can be seen as slang is the use of the word ‘Thing’ after naming another species or creature, or the use of the word ‘Breeder’ to describe anything as female (though the breeder part is probably used, due to the fact they might not know the word for 'female'.)

From what I’ve seen myself, these are potentially two of very few words used as slang. Unless you consider how they generally speak, than it can expand to other things they tend to replace in their vocabulary.
For example:

Replacing words/verbs, which are generally used when referring to humans, with words that can be described as more rat-like. Like:

-‘Hand’ or ‘Feet’ with ‘Paw’
-‘Speak’ with ‘Squeak’
- ‘Run’ with ‘Scuttle’
And – ‘Child’ with ‘Runt’

Sometimes this changes depending on what type of Skaven literature you read, as it depends on what the author sees more fit.

The same can be said with Skaven insults and compliments- Though usually it’s just using very colorful titles or over-the-top name calling.

Sometimes a Skaven will even reference the Great Horned Rat or the number Thirteen in their speech if it helps.

I hope this helps!
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Ratmaster Rex
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Also, its common for skaven of lesser class to lower his nose and flatter the higher classes when speaking to them. It's an art form to create clever euphemisms for your superiors and a rat can climb higher among his peers if he masters this art. The same holds true the opposite way as well. The leaders often create demeaning put-downs to show a lesser rat his place and repeats the verbal abuse several times in a row for emphasis. Failing to publicly insult their lessers is the same as treating them as equals, and other leaders will see this as a weakness.
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Some other themes you find in the Thanquol books:

Often times a rat of a lesser rank will turn his head to the side and present his throat to his superiors as a sign of submission.

Another great sign of respect, especially for a leader that is to be feared, they secrete a musk when they are afraid. Most Skaven cannot help when this musk is released, however those who are as mighty and terrible as the great Grey Seer Thanquol, it can be controlled to an extent.

As far as speech, the other posters have pretty much nailed what they say as slang. The biggest I see is often they'll repeat words.

Tell-Squeak, Say-Squeak, Fast-fast, etc
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Cha-Pel the 13th
Thanks these are really helpful hints. One thing I was wondering about is what they call the lesser races. I know man-things, but do they call elves and dwarves something special also?
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Darf-things, elf-things, ;izard-things, ect.
skavenmatt,Sep 11 2010
10:05 PM
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Clanlord Trask
18th April 2011 - 03:46 AM
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