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Vermin lord/Deamon prince
Topic Started: 10th October 2010 - 04:56 PM (869 Views)
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This christmas i intend to get a deamon prince. with this deamon prince i shall be coverting into a vermin lord.

my ideas:
Doom glaive is going to be the axe shaft with the swords blade on the end

the head is going to be a ratogre head with greenstuffed on horns

it should look awesome

so has anyone done this before and any tips for when i do it.
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Here's my demon prince to vermin lord conversion:


The lower horns are from the demon prince kit, the upper ones are from an ogre bull banner top but you could green stuff them.

I thought about using a sword blade as the glaive blade but none of them looked right imo, so I used plasticard.
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