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Campaign Character Description Thread
Topic Started: 22nd January 2009 - 03:00 AM (7,997 Views)

Player Name:deaththing

Character Name:skitterclaw
Title:the dark warlock
Faction:don't know
Clan/Tribe (if any):was skyre before his great treachery
Description:A warlock engineer who has a very dark texture to his fur, he carries lots of inventions and wears a strange helmet that is impossible to see through, and though he has the mark of a great leader he is easy to overlook except for his whirring and hissing helmet-mask. None know what his head looks like underneath, except for his litter-mates, particularly his grey-seer brother. Quick to anger with loyal skaven. Particularly successful and honoured ones. He also hates all gods except gork and mork, which is strange.
Background:From instant he was born he was ignored. Attention that would've been his was diverted towards his grey-seer brother. Seething with anger he tried to be the best warlock-engineer ever, but he was, deliberately this time, ignored. This was when he took the oath to never show his head again, and also swore to never worship no god again, for he was sure it was them that brought his bad luck, but recently, whenever near a altar or statue of gork and mork his luck and power increases by ten thousand-fold. He is starting to turn towards orcish deities. Will the skaven manage to persuade him it was not the horned one who brought his bad luck? Will some other race show him their deities bring him better luck? Or will the orcish gods obtain another follower? Time will tell. :bow: :RB: :duel:
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Cha-Pel the 13th
Player Name: Cha-Pel the 13th

Character Name: Char Torncloth
Title: ClawLeader
Race: Skaven
Faction: looking for one
Clan/Tribe (if any): Destruct

Description: An Skaven of average build with dark brown fur. Though preferring heavy armor and a halberd in battle often wears a brown cloak to hide most of his body and face.

Background: Though the newly formed clan of Destruct has had little time to make any real impact on the world they are eager to make their way. Char started in with the clan and proved himself when he sabotaged a dwarf cannon at the Battle for Standed Ford. After the battle word reached the young clan of the battle of Underdark and Char decided that it sounded like a fun time and a place to hone his skill and grow his fame and power.
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Player Name: BlackReaper

Character Name: Twitch Whiskers

Title: Fang Leader

Race: Skaven

Faction: The DeathCave Syndicate (now known as the Syndicate of the Council)

Clan/Tribe (if any): The Tribe of Isoks (Norwegian for Ice Pick,pronounced Ee-Zooks)

Description: Twitch is a tall and muscler built white furred StormVermin.Unlike most Skaven he and most of his tribe have ice-blue eyes instead of red.His armor (and his StormVermin unit) is jet black with a bright light blue cloth and markings.

Background: Twitch is the leader of the best StormVermin unit of tribe Isok,a small tribe from the north.What sets this tribe apart is that white furred Skaven tend to be mightier than the darker furred of their tribe(where as with normal Skaven black furred specimens are mightier). He and his kin have heard of the great UnderDark war for the precious WarpStone Meteor and have set out to have their claim in it with the help of one of the greater factions.
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