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Tomb Kings Tactica; How to beat Tomb Kings with Skaven
Topic Started: 9th January 2007 - 11:07 AM (9,767 Views)
Lord Lughtigern
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The Mad Ratter.

Yo, I though I'd stop being so useless and make something out of myself, so I decided to make a TK tactica given that:

i) the site is lacking in one
ii) they are my most common opponent, so I should have learnt something by now.

Tomb Kings are reputed as being the most reliable army in Warhammer. This reputation comes from their annoying habits to:

i) Never break
ii) Never flee
iii) Never miscast (or even fail to cast a spell)

However, it's not all shining gold like Settra's tomb, for they're also known for:

i) Never winning a fair 1 on 1 fight
ii) Never lasting long after the loss of their Hierophant
iii) Never outnumbering their opponent
iv) Never marching in the movement phase

For a cheery start, you'll notice that the cons outnumber the pros! (More on this later) Because the magic phase is arguably the strongest point of the Tomb Kings army, and again arguably the most important, we'll start there.


Tomb Kings players are gifted with a great magic lore. Sure, it only has 4 spells, but each is fairly useful. All Liche Priests have access to all 4 spells on the list, whilst Kings and Princes have access to only Movement and Attacking. The Spells are:


Admittedly, the spells have fairly more impressive names than that, but I could never remember what they were... It goes something like:

__________'s incantation of Urgency:

If cast, the target unit can move exactly like if it were the beginning of the moving phase, charging if they so desire.

THIS IS A BIG ONE! You'll know if you want to dispel this by whether or not there are any units in range for a supporting flank charge.

__________'s incantation of Righteous Smiting

If cast, the target unit gets to make one attack with each of it's models in base contact with the enemy. If cast on a unit with missile weapons, it may fire like it is the shooting phase. If cast on a War machine, it may fire like it is the shooting phase. If it is unable to fire due to previous misfire results, it may count this magic phase as the next shooting phase instead.

THIS IS ANOTHER BIG ONE! A pair of Screaming Skull Catapults can fire 4 times a turn with this, becoming more accurate with each shot! THIS IS A BAD THING!

__________'s incantation of Summoning:

If cast, you may restore D3 wounds to a unit, not raising them above their original unit strength. Tomb Guard are revived D6, while Skeleton Warriors and Bowmen are revived 2D6 and chose the highest score. You may NOT revive a unit or character that was wipped off the face of the earth.

THIS IS THE OTHER OTHER BIG ONE! You don't want to spend all game crushing the same 6 skeletons through combat resolution! Stop this one if you are getting nowhere killing things!

__________'s incantation of __________

If cast, you inflict D6 S4 hits on a unit.

THIS is not so bad. We're a horde army, we can take it!

If you want the proper names, try here.

Before I go any further, you will notice something about the names. Tomb Kings don't actually have any spells; they have Incantations (though they generate Dispel dice as normal). There is a world of difference here, because incantations are never failed to be cast, and never miscast. How the power level is worked out is like so:

Tomb Kings/Princes: 1D6
Liche Priests: 2D6
High Liche Priests: 3D6

If you want to dispel something, you just have to equal or beat what they rolled using dispel dice. However, if you don't try, it'll go through. Even if the High Liche Priest rolls 3 1's to cast an incantation, it is cast unless you try to stop it. Something worth noting is that though the TK magic phase can do ALOT, it can't do everything at once. You'll be able to dispel SOME of their incantation, so make sure that you dispel the important ones. Deciding that is up to you, but they usually involve Flank Charges and Catapult fire. :P

As a last note, Tomb King incantation have to be done in an order, called the hierarchy. Most of the time you won't notice it, it doesn't really affect much. But it does mean that they have to start casting with Princes, then move on to Kings, Liche Priests, High Liche Priests and finally the Casket of Souls. In the off chance that your opponent hires a Truthsayer or Dark Emissary, they get 2 basic power dice, the ones they generate themselves and can cast anytime before or after, but never during the hierarchy.

UNDEAD: Yes, like any good horde of unrelentling skeletons and monsters, Tomb Kings cause are counted as UNDEAD. This means that they all cause fear, are immune to psychology, and are unbreakable but crumble when they loose a combat, suffering wounds equal to how badly they lost by. Now, in my humble opinion, this is actually a GOOD thing! It means that they cannot flee from charges, for a start. As for causing fear…
I don’t actually regard this as much of a problem. Sure, fear causing units can cause havoc to armies with low leadership values, but Skaven aren’t among them, thanks to Strength in Numbers. This means that, more often than not, you won’t fail the charge, or require 6’s to hit. As is well known, if you are defeated in Close Combat by a fear causing opponent who outnumbers you, you autobreak (unless you can roll snakes eyes, thanks to “Insane Heroism). This also shouldn’t be a problem. Let me repeat, “if you are defeated in Close Combat by a fear causing opponent who OUTNUMBERS you…”. Skaven are a horde army, and we have excellent leadership. You should ALWAYS outnumber your opponent. Even if you play machine heavy Skryre, and have “just about” the same number of models as your opponent, then your machines should be able to whittle them down so that you outnumber them when the bashing of heads finally takes place. So long as you outnumber your opponent, Fear shouldn’t hold much fear for you.

Without further ado, let's move on to the unit types.
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Links you should try out:
Denizens of the Deep - Rules for Underground Campaigns
Warhammer Skirmish - The Lazy Man's Mordheim
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Lord Lughtigern
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The Mad Ratter.


Skeleton Warriors:
Posted Image

These guys aren't really all that scary, despite them causing fear what might lead you to believe. As bad as any other skeleton, except they get upgrades slightly cheaper than their Vampiric cousins and they can take a magic banner. Very mediocre WS means that you'll be hitting them on 3+ with almost everything but slaves, and they will never aim to attack our fighty heroes as they'd need 5+ to hit. Their job is to hold the enemy's unit in place while other units get around to a flank charge. They're quite good at generating CR, but they're also almost twice the price a Clanrat, and our stats are far superior.

Skeleton Bowmen:
Posted Image

Technically these are just Skeleton warriors with bows, but they demand a section to themselves. For automaton with no eyes, these guys are remarkably good shots! They'll ALWAYS hit on 5+, no matter what. You're hiding behind those ramparts at long range and they moved? Tough luck, it's still 5+. I suppose the plus is that they also don't get benefits for shooting large targets, but it is small consolation given that we're kinda lacking in those anyways. A popular tactic with these guys is to take them in fair sized units, move forwards shooting tempting targets. Then, when they near the enemy, reform into a fighting block like Skeleton Warriors and charge in the magic phase. Then they gradually lose combat until a support unit arrives and flanks you. More on this later.

Skeleton Light Horsemen:[IMG]
Posted Image

These are just what you'd expect - skeletons on skeletal steeds. They could move pretty fast, if it were not for the fact that they cannot march. The role of these guys is to annoy your army by shooting them with ever reliable TK bows, or slow down marching. Altogether they're not too much of a threat, usually fielded in units of 5. They only have a 6+ armour save for being mounted (did I mention that they're 14pts a model?), so all you need do is shoot them a few times and they'll be gone before they can become a pain.

Skeleton Heavy Horsemen:
Posted Image

These guys are actually a myth! If the name "Heavy Horsemen" makes you think of something along the lines of Black Knights, you're way off. They're some 9pts cheaper than Black Knights, for good reason. They're STILL WS 2, but at least they have a 4+ save this time and spears. No barding means that they can move 8 in the movement phase. They are NOT able to accomplish anything on their own; they are a support unit for units like Skeleton Warriors and Tomb Guard. Unlike Light Horsemen, these guys WILL cause you a big headache if you leave them dance around the battlefield. Usually fielded in units 5-10 strong (they can also take a magic banner), I'd put them fairly high up on the "to kill list".

Tomb Swarms:
Posted Image

Now, in the 6th ed., these guys were pretty good. Sure, being Undead meant that they could crumble, thus being fairly inadequate of performing the tar pit action that most swarms undertake, but to make up the points they got Fear, Poisoned Attacks and Tunnelling abilities. It should be noted that their tunnelling is EXACTLY like Gutter Runners. This means that they can charge when they come up. However, when 7th ed. came and made all swarms crumble, these guys became the talk of the town! They get Fear, Poison and Tunnelling for next to no points! A common role for these critters is to tackle war machines, or fill up core choices (a single base can be taken and counts as a core choice, freeing up points to be spent on Special and Rare choices). They're pretty good at the war machine hunting role, seeing as most war machine crew don't have any combat resolution to start off with, and are un-armoured. So, unless they run into a Hellcannon, they're not likely to fail. If it's any consolation, they will most certainly crumble when they try to take on anything else, so they're kind've useless after they neutralise the cannons. Unless you really depend on War machines to win your games, I'd recommend leaving these critters alone, there's not much you can do about them short of leaving a unit on top of the tunnelling marker.


Now, the special choices are undoubtedly the favourite part of any TK list. They rock! Never fear, they're still no match for a little Skaven cunning...

Posted Image

These are the Fell Bats of the Tomb Kings, except that they're a hell of a lot better. To start off, they can fly (which I think is quite a feat for birds with wings like theirs), which means that they don't march! It's 20" all the time with these guys. BUT, thanks to unique TK magic, they can also move in the Magic phase! I don't think there's a single other unit in the game with the potential to charge war machines 40" away on the FIRST turn. Also, to make them just that little bit tougher, they have a T of 4, so it's hard enough to beat them in combat. However, like Swarms, they'll struggle to kill anything but war machines and maybe small skirmishing units. Also, they have remarkably low leadership, (and are likely to be away from the general) so they will easily crumble when the Hierophant falls - more on this later.

Tomb Guard:
Posted Image

These guys are quite the package! For only 3 points more than your average Skeleton Warrior, you get light armour, shields, +1 Ws, S and T, +5 ld, Killing Blow and magical attacks and can take a Magic Banner!!! Now THAT is a good deal if I ever saw one! However, they are one of the most debated units on whether or not to take them. If you want a huge view into the argument, look here. Basically though, how I see these guys are as the elite of the Tomb Kings, they can certainly last for a LONG time in combat without crumbling. If you come up against them, avoid them. If you MUST fight them, make sure their lines have been thinned a bit by Shooting or magic, and flack them with the hardest thing you can find, such as Rat Ogres. (Whilst having Clanrats supporting, obviously)

Posted Image

Or Tomb King Light Chariots, to give them their full title. These guys are mean; they combine chariot rules with those of fast cavalry. Just like Skaven, they're nothing special on their own, only dishing out D3 impact hit and having S and T 4, but in groups, they are fearsome opponents. Because these guys used to be the noblemen of Nekehara (?) they have WS 3 too, and Ld 7. They can also take magic banners. The role of these things is to move around in the flank, and hit you VERY hard. DON'T let this happen. Shoot them, magic them, and bait them! If you get the charge on them instead, they're bone-dry toast.

Tomb Scorpion:
Posted Image

Remember how I said that Special was the best choices in the Tomb King book? This is a prime example as to why. For 85 pts you get the stat-line of a Griffon, lacking in flying or terror but making up for it by having M7, Magic Resistance 1, poisoned attacks, Killing Blow, Tunnelling, a 5+ armour save and loosing 1 less wound than normal through Combat resolution. Put simply; these guys are a real pain in the 455. Their role is one of the "crack commando", beat up small units, war machines, cavalry support other units etc. Fortunately, these guys are only US 4, so they can't break ranks, which is a real relief when you see them popping up behind your army and charging the rear of your general's unit. Really, the only thing I can recommend for these monsters are to Warplightning it or to wear it down in combat. Because of its killing blow, most people would be afraid to throw a character at it, but statistically it's going to be rare enough, so if you're brave, send a chieftain with a great weapon after it. Ideally it should be the only unit you're facing in Close Combat. If it's supporting a unit of Skeletons or Horsemen, attack them first to rack up the combat resolution necessary to take it down. They are tough and cheap, but remember that they are only one model, and by no means invincible.

Posted Image

The ultimate Ogre sized unit! These are the bomb! With a WS4 they can hit most everything in the Skaven army with ease, and S6 means that those hit probably will both get no armour save and die. They're also Undead constructs like Tomb Scorpion and Bone Giants, so they get a 5+ armour save and suffer 1 less wound than normal from Combat Resolution. However, like almost everything else in the Tomb Kings army, they can't take units head on - they must be used for support. Deny them this by charging them with Clanrats or Rat Ogres (I especially recommend Rat Ogres, they are faster and can do enough damage to not take much back). NEVER let these guys flank charge a unit. You will loose, end of story.


Like special choices, the TK get excellent rare choices to make up for mediocre core choices.

Screaming Skull Catapults:
Posted Image

I use the word "Catapult-S" because you are likely to see them in pairs, so effective they can be. They are basically stone throwers, but any unit that takes a wound from one has to take a panic test. Usually the "Skulls of Foe" upgrade is bought as well, making these tests on -1 ld too, making the Screaming Skull Catapult a very deadly and popular choice for Tomb King armies. What you do to stop them is tunnel, and hope for the best. You could shoot them too, but since hits are randomised and they can revive their crew (more on this later) Close combat is an altogether more effective option. It's worth noting that they don't generally do much damage though - your opponent will usually target as many units as possible to inflict mass panic instead of trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. Remember - with big enough units, a Warlord and a bit of luck, you're unlikely to flee from them.

Bone Giants:
Posted Image

These are very much a "wildcard" unit. Looking at their stats, they're as tough as can be, a S6 giant with a 3+ save (Undead construct + heavy armour). Also, if you agree, your opponent can buy great weapons, bows (works like a S5 bolt thrower, remember that it always hit's on 5+), two hand weapons or a shield. If you don't, he gets two hand weapons. The Bone Giant has a nice special rule called "Unstoppable Assault". Basically, on the charge, for each wound he inflicts he gets another attack, which can in turn cause more attacks and so on, so forth. This WOULD be scary, if he were more than WS3. It's not likely to add too many attacks, maybe 2 or 3 at most. He is a support unit. If he is fighting a unit on his own, (and in the front, he break ranks so don't let him charge elsewhere) he is likely to crumble after a few turns of combat.

Casket of Souls:
Posted Image

Yep, it may be character equipment but it uses up a rare choice so it's going in here. It's mean, let me tell you that! At the end of the magic phase, (if cast) every enemy unit that can see it (it's a large target, by the way) individually rolls 2D6 + 2, and then subtracts it from their ld. This is the amount of wounds, no armour saves, which they suffer. Fortunately, thanks to the FAQ on GW website, you're allowed to use the general's leadership, and therefore you're allowed "Strength in numbers" too. One thing of note is that it affects units which are immune to psychology, so Pestilense units aren't immune. Also, it causes all of your spells to suffer a -1 to cast, and the Liche at the casket is protected by two Tomb Guards of champion stats and wielding great weapons. Shots fired at it are randomised like a war machine, and any hits against the casket are discounted. Finally, although I've never seen it be used, Liche Priests can take turns at the casket, for it only needs a Liche Priest at it to work, it doesn’t specify which. If there's none there it, and the Guards, crumble instantly at the start of the next TK turn.



Tomb Princes:
Posted Image

They're pretty good, just to say first of all. T5 and W3 means that they can dance with most other heroes out there and win too. They really lack in armour though, only being able to take light armour and a shield at max so if you can wound them, the chances are that it'll go through. These guys can also cast spells, the movement one and the attacking one. Mostly they will either fill the role of:

i) Support for a unit of skeletons or chariots. They can be kitted out with some fairly useful CR modifying equipment, and joining a Chariot unit with the "Chariot of Fire" mean that they'll be able to punch through units at the front.

ii) General in a magic heavy army. In this case they are usually equipped to stay alive longer, with things like Collar of Shapesh or Armour of the Ages and a great weapon - more on this later.

Liche Priest:
Posted Image

The main magic users of the Tomb Kings. Because of army special rules, there always has to be at least one of these guys, but because TK magic is so potent, there are usually 3! They're about as survivable as any other wizard though, so if they get into combat, they're in big trouble... They can (and usually are) the ones who use the Casket of Souls.

Icon Bearer:
Posted Image

Hah, somewhere on the net someone said "Icon Bearers are so useless that they're usually left out of the tactica!” It's true that they're pretty bad, only 2 attacks and a max of light armour (or magic heavy armour) means that they die pretty quick. Mainly they're so rare because the other options available to TK are so much better! However, if your opponent does that one, it means that all Undead units within 12" loose 1 less wound through combat resolution than normal, which can make Undead constructs basically unbreakable. Not to mention the 1+ CR to his own unit. If you get the chance, kill this guy, but I wouldn't put too high a priority on him, like hiring an Assassin to do your work.


Tomb King:
Posted Image

Put bluntly, he's good. He's got pretty decent magic, (he does what the Tomb Prince does but he can do it twice and to units within a range too) and has the S and T of a Chaos Lord. He can also take 100pts of magical goodness to make him even better and he lets them take Chariots as a Core Choice... But on the plus side, he's not cheap, and can be ignored if you play your cards right. If you want to tackle him, I'd recommend Bands of Power, Fellblade or Weeping Blades. Otherwise he's probably going to kill your lord/hero. The worst bit is, he's cursed (also Flammable, but that doesn’t help us much)! Even if you kill him the culprit has got to take a leadership test, and if this if failed, you take D6 wounds no saves allowed! If an army is lead by one of these it's likely to include 2, or maybe even 3 Liche priests.

High Liche Priest:
Posted Image

These seem to be more popular than Tomb Kings judging by my opponents and forums online. The reason being is that Tomb King magic is just that good. This guy, if your opponent takes one, has got to be the Hierophant and will probably have the Cloak of Dunes, to allow him to fly away from danger, accompanied by a ward save. An army with one of these is likely to be lead by a Tomb Prince, and have 2 more Liche Priests in it for good measure. He can use the Casket of Souls, but it's unlikely that he would as it seriously limits his manoeuvrability and is about the same as drawing a huge target on his forehead. This guy is probably top priority on the kill list every time, but a cunning opponent won't let him go without a fight...

Now, earlier I said: ii) "Never lasting long after the loss of their Hierophant"
This isn't actually true. While all units will start to crumble, and you'll notice that your own magic gets off more and theirs less, with the high leadership of the general still about, it's unlikely that they'll die much. It's still a sign that you're on the way to victory! A good way to achieve this would be using Assassins with Warpstone Stars if you have a Grey Seer, or Weeping Blades (if the priest is hiding in a unit for protection). Basically anything will kill him if it gets into combat, so they usually move to the back of units when it looks like charges are nigh. This is where your Skryre allies come in handy, notably the Warplightning Cannon. As they can see ANYTHING, wandering Priests (especially the Hierophant) should become a top priority. Alternatively, if you’ve managed to manouver some units to behind his army, I wouldn’t say no to charging the lone Reverend with a unit of Clanrats! :P


Settra the "Imperishable":
Posted Image

Actually, it's a pretty accurate title. He's easily one of the most survivable characters out there, having a T5, then an armour save that can NEVER be negated worse than 4+, and a 4+ Ward save after that. Did I mention that he has 4 wounds and can restore them? Look, he's pretty tough. Oh, and he always strikes first and has a proper chariot and reduces your weapon skill and can cast incantations on every unit of Tomb Guard, Horsemen and Chariots in his army before he does normal incantations at the power of a High Liche Priest... Yeah, Settra's definitely a one man army. The most important thing when fighting him is that there are NO LICHE PRIESTS, and he generates 2 D6 but that's it. If you're unlucky enough to have to fight him, I'd recommend going magic heavy, since he'll have at most 2 DD (he doesn't generate Dispel Dice!) and (maybe) one makeshift dispel scroll. If you MUST get into combat with him, maybe because you know you’ll have that perfect opportunity to charge and you couldn’t live with yourself if you didn’t, don’t attack him. Like I said, he’s nigh invincible. Attack his chariot (or accompanying chariots) using a Warlord with high strength weapons instead. For this, the only real options are the Fellblade, or Bands of Power with the Langusher Sword. I recommend the latter, as Mulitwounds won’t affect chariots when they’re hit by S7+, and Settra’s army can only have a max of 2 dispel dice – chances are you’ll activate the Bands. Also, Settra always strikes first, reverting to Iniative should you strike first as well. That’s why the Sword is necessary. Even Settra with his “Golden Armour of Magnificence” won’t look so impressive if there’s Combat Resolution of 12 (3 ranks, outnumbering, banner, and 9 wounds against the chariots - hopefully) crashing down upon him.

Queen Khalida:
Posted Image

No fancy titles for her! She's still pretty good though, and she can poison the arrows of Bowmen units in her army (at a points cost), but nothing battle-strategy changing good. She DOES have a staff which does 2D6 S4 hits, (power level 4) pinning a unit in place though, and AUTOMATICALLY casts one incantation a turn. Treat her like you would any Tomb King (albeit one with a lower strength but regeneration and always strikes first with uber poison) and you'll be fine.
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Links you should try out:
Denizens of the Deep - Rules for Underground Campaigns
Warhammer Skirmish - The Lazy Man's Mordheim
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Lord Lughtigern
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The Mad Ratter.


There's a couple worth mentioning, but this is by no means a full examination of every item out there. Look at their book yourself if you want to!


Destroyer of Eternities: It's their Fellblade, great weapon with killing blow (can only be taken by man on foot). It can do a special attack hitting every model in base contact twice (with killing blow).

Flail of Skulls: Their Weeping Blades! It's a flail that does double wounds. Basically, never accept a challenge form a Prince or King if you think they might have this.

Blade of Mourning: If the bearer wounds, double negative modifiers on your break test. It's nasty when it works - it won the game for my opponent once.

Spear of Antarhak: If the bearer inflicts a wound, he can restore a wound upon himself or his unit. A bitch of an item, kill it's bearer.

Serpent Staff: Comic relief! The bearer gains poisoned attacks and can re roll fails to hit and wound. Looks good, but only priests can use it!


Armour of Ages: Heavy armour, the bearer gains 1+ wound. Another reason why not to get into a fight with a Tomb King or Priest.

Scorpion Armour: Heavy armour, the bearer can only ever take 1 wound from combat resolution. This can be combined with the Spear of Antarhak for a Tomb King who works much like a Daemonslayer.


Chariot of Fire: Only be taken by a model in a chariot. It now causes D6 flaming, magical impact hits.

Cloak of Dunes: Bearer can fly, but can't use it to charge into combat. It's a safe bet that the Hierophant will have this.

Vambraces of the Sun: one model in base contact looses 1 attack. Makes Tomb Kings and Princes even MORE survivable.


Collar of Shapesh: any wounding on the character gets transferred to a friendly model within 4" on a 4+. This includes the effects of the attack, like Killing Blow or D3 wounds.

Golden Ankhra: standard 4+ ward save.


Hieratic Jar: can cast another incantation. This is a tricky one... Usually when you think you're safe, BAM! They flank you with it! Always try to have a spare dispel scroll ready for if they should break it out...

Staff of Ravening: Their Storm daemon, but it does 3D6 S2 and never breaks. We're a horde, we can take it.


Banner of the Undying Legion: The Incantation of summoning is cast on the unit at a power level of 3. Eugh, more things to dispel.

Icon of Rakaph: The unit can reform before charging. VERY DANGEROUS! This is sure to catch some people unaware (and in the flank)

Icon of the Sacred Eye: in the first turn of any combat, 1+ to hit for all friendly models in the unit. A favourite for chariot units.

That's about it for everything that Tomb Kings have to offer.

Now, what I recommend for taking against them:

Warlord or Grey Seer: Doesn't really matter. The extra leadership is as invaluable as the extra magic defence. Choose according to your style of play.

Heros: only take an assassin if you have a Grey Seer and he has Warpstone Stars. Otherwise a Chieftain or Plague Priest is an altogether better and cheaper option. Warlock Engineers are indispensable, I always take 2, one with 2 dispel scrolls and the other with 1 dispel scroll and the Storm Daemon.

Core: Take what you like, so long as you outnumber the enemy! You'll note from above that the Tomb King Strategy relies heavily on Flanking you by using units to support each other. You have to make sure that you have no flanks! This is achieved by having a horde which stretches all the way across the table. If you play like this, then YOU will be the one doing the flanking. Tomb Kings are an elite force, with not very elite-like core. They cannot stand up to even basic Clanrats in a one on one fight. I definitely recommend against Night Runners, Globadiers and Swarms, as they are either too cowardly to charge, or not as good as the Tomb King counterparts.

Special: They're all good really. I find Rat Ogres do especially well against TK as you hit on 3+! But they all have their uses, Gutter runners are essential at taking out Catapults and Bowmen, Plague Monks rock against lightly armoured everything (except you MAY loose your Plague Deacon to a skeleton champion every once in a while...) in the army, and Jezzails are good against Giants, Ushabti and Scorpions (if you can get a chance shoot them, that is).

Rare: Both are good. Even though TK have a plethora of anti-warmachine units, I still recommend taking a Warplightning Cannon. Like I've said elsewhere, they're excellent 10 ton supercharged sniper rifles, and Liche Priests love lurking outside units...

Magic items: your own choice really, but I always take Bands of Power because it keeps chariot units away. The Fellblade or Weeping blades would do the same job, I guess. The Storm Banner won't do all that much, except maybe stop a few catapult shots. On that note, the Umbranner is pretty useful, you'll get a save against all but the middle shot and the Sacred Standard is good at negating their Fear advantage. The Brass orb is definitely worth considering, as Undead units have notoriously below-average Initiative.

That about wraps it up, I think. All of my advice here has worked for me (especially the Settra killing bit B) ), so it can work for you! Good luck in your endeavours against the wretched Dead-Things of the Desert!

I'd like to give the credit of the picture of most of the army to Games Workshop, seeing as how they came from the Games Workshop Website. All except for "The Cheeta's" and the Liche High Priestess, that is, who were done by Bone Idol of Kemri.co.uk. Check out his amazingly painted and modeled army here!
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Links you should try out:
Denizens of the Deep - Rules for Underground Campaigns
Warhammer Skirmish - The Lazy Man's Mordheim
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Ah, a Tomb King tactics guide. We really needed that. Great work Lughtigern! ;)
I also play versus Tomb Kings a whole deal. But it seems you covered it all (at least what I can think of at the moment) ^_^

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wow great tactica lord lughtigern definitely has to be put into our army specific tacticas vault
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If you are looking for artwork Here be it

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Very nice sir. I have only a few things to add to it.

Tomb Scorpions and Tomb Swarms are also quite adept at character assassination. A nasty tactic used by Tomb Kings is to sacrifice tomb scorpions/tomb swarms to weaken the enemy's magic phase ... sometimes even try to assassinate a general. The reasons this works are quite simple.

#It Came From Below allows them to pop up where they want to, they'll try to pop up in charging range of your character (usually a weak caster)
#One Tomb Scorpion is 4 strength-5, poisonous, killing blow attacks for less than most characters cost.
#Tomb Scorpions have movement-7 which translates into a charge range of 14
#Two Tomb Swarms is 10 strength-2, poisonous attacks for only 5 pts more than one tomb scorpion ... still less than most characters cost.... and it is a core choice.

There is a large chance of the scorpion/swarms dying from combat resolution wounds, but if your army's casters are assassinated, your ability to dispel the plethora of incantations thrown at you becomes greatly diminished. Plus the regiment(s) your character(s) was/were are delayed by these attacks and thus are shot at by the Tomb King's for an additional round.

The Tomb Scorpions 'It Came From Below' rule also allows them to use their 4 lethal attacks to tip the combat resolution in the favor of that unit of skeletons you wanted to grind down ... and Tomb Kings will break you if they win 35/36 of the time.... and then the tomb scorpion will persue 3D6 (remember that M7?) It is not uncommon against armies with no war machines to have 2+ tomb scorpions come from below to dual charge an enemy unit that has engaged some skeletons.


The icon bearer, while useful for making constructs even closer to unbreakable (thus making them even scarier at character assassination as they'll sometimes last multiple rounds of combat), is also scary when it carries the 'Banner of the Hidden Dead.' When fighting Tomb Kings, no one is worried about zombies/skeletons being summoned in the magic phase on their flank, but with this banner, a core unit costing up to 100 pts can come up at the beginning of any Tomb King's turn within 18" of the banner. Suddenly you just got flanked. Since it is core this makes it skeletons, cavalry, or chariots (chariots only if your opponent uses a tomb king). Chariots and Cavalry are by far the scariest with this due to their strength on the charge and their 3D6 persue.


A key note to remember with large combats involving multiple units (ex: 2 clanrats units and 1 slave fighting 1 skeleton unit, a scoprion, and cavalry) is that for every point of CR the Tomb Kings lose the large combat by is 1 pt every tomb king unit has to take. So if the skeletons, scorpion, and cavalry lose by 2 pts then they will lose a total of 5 wounds as the skeletons will lose 2, the scoprion will lose 1 (see construct rule) and the cavalry will lose 2.
----Skaven Mathhammer
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The Mad Ratter.

Thank you for the feedback and the additions!

In retrospect, I probably should've included something on the Banner of the Hidden Dead. However, it can't raise Chariots, as the unit size min. of their units brings them above 100pts. It would indeed be most likely that they're Heavy Horsemen, since Skeletons at less than 100 pts would hardly fit themselves! Thankfully though, the range on the banner is limited, and I don't believe they're able to charge when they come out (although watch those incantations). Finally, if he's got an Icon Bearer that means there's less at max* 2 Liche Priests! And if he's got that banner, it means he's only got light armour...
So get out and kill him for an easy 200+ Victory points! :ph43r:

* [size0]assuming 2k battles are the most common.
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Links you should try out:
Denizens of the Deep - Rules for Underground Campaigns
Warhammer Skirmish - The Lazy Man's Mordheim
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Aye, very true about the charging and chariots. Don't underestimate 18" though. 18" is 8 more than our charge range. Thus, they can pop up in your flank a turn or two before you were going to charge. You will get tied up by skeletons and then the flank charge of doom (since we're Skaven) is inevitable. Thus I find it absolutely necessary to kamikaze night runners, snipe, whatever you do to kill crucial heroes before your main forces get near him.
----Skaven Mathhammer
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one of my mates recently started TK (afting flitting between a tonne of different armys)

its generally considered that they're peck lol. but thats usually because we play tag-team games (more than 1 player per side) and thus no-one (apart from me usually as i have the largest army and usually am the only one who either has 2k, or 2k with them) has a 2k army.

and, as most people know, TK are rubbish at 1k lol, or anything below 2k really. it means that the majority of the army is core units, which are rubbish really lol. sometimes ubshanti make an appearance, and the old SSC often makes an appearance. but i tackled the ubshanti with swarms (holding them up for a while, and even getting the odd wound through due to poisen) and then once the last swarm wound was gone i opened up a rattler into them. halving their size lol. then a lone ubshanti charged the rattler which prominantly rolled a double 1 on stand and shoot lol and he was left out in the open for a charge from a fully ranked unit of clannies.

basicly, SSCs are like everyone elses artillery but fear causing. still not much a problem in my experiance. and ubshanti, whilst being the best ogre unit in the game, still crumble. a fully ranked unit into their flank will mean they die lol. they need kills to make c'res. deny them these and they will crumble away to dust lol.

i'm fortunate that he usually only botheres with a single liche and a prince. whats even better as that single liche is often out wandering around, meaning that he dies quickly lol.

i find TK an pretty easy army to play against, and whilst i havn't played a 1 on 1 game against them with my skaven, in 4+ player bouts i find them all too easy to quash beneath my paws (or hooves as was the case last match lol)
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So you can basically summarise the anti-TK tactica as:

(i) force them to fight minimum of one of your units to one of theirs, to your front.

(ii) shoot/hunt down the stuff which prevents (i), above.

(iii) have enough flexibility to react to TK surprises which may prevent (ii) or (i) above.

See? It isnt all down to tailored killyness and magic defence - your regular army should be able to do the job once you get the basic principles down :)
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This should be in the gazzete ^_^
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use your fast attact to flank them and destoy any leech preists in the rear them move forward with your main force and destoy teir fronal units and get the fast attack to attack from the rear B)
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Pure brilliance. I've played TK many times with various races and I think I've yet to see an anti TK tactica as comprehensive as this.

Great work and thank you,

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I got my first loss with my skaven army the other day, playing against tombkings :( He ran king + 3x priests, the king has the collar, cloak of dunes and was running around with 4 ushabti.

I lost mostly because I exposed a flank to the ushabti (which just had whiped a unit of 24 plaguemonks with warbanner AND the bsb with BotS... +8 static combat res, he still won. The BSB fled the unit during my turn and left the rats to their doom, visely), The ushabti reformed during movement phase and then magically charged the flank of my exposed unit. Game over.

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Great job, I'd like to use parts of it for an article I'm writing for Warhammer Empire. Would you like to co=author?

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ask for Atchman

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