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Skaven slave conversions
Topic Started: 4th April 2006 - 09:34 PM (2,157 Views)
Since technically, any skaven could taken as a slave after losing to another clan, isn't it reasonable that any skaven model could be coverted into a slave? For example Ive converted (15) Gutter runners into slaves by stripping of their capes, removing their shurikens, and breaking thier claws. I left thier gear painted as normal so theyd be recognizable as ex-Gutter runners.( to the delight of my general) but added, chains wounds, and battle scars to represent thier mis- treatment.
But now Im in need of another slave force and have a regiment of plauge monks from the plastic battalion set I have no intention of using since I only employ Clan Skyre and Clan moulder in my armies. The problem is they all come standard wearing robes? What could I do to make them a reasonable looking slave unit? :ph43r:
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Saint Anger
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break out a knife and some spare clanrat bits

cut some monks in half, use a mixture of legs, torsos, arms and heads, then apply chains and slave style whip marks etc.

voila, one slave monk unit thing
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Sammy the Squid
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Yes, any miniature can be a slave, skaven, human, goblin etc.

Ive just finished assembling slave unit, using some ideas from around this forum: some have pointy sticks rather than swords, some have cloths over their heads (from Plague Monk sprue) while my musician has the OOP skaven commands musician arm holding the bone beating a drum (they cant get proper clubs :P )
They look individual and stand out from my clanrats...

Previously to this I just used my old goblins, but now I cant wait to start my second unit!

And wasnt there a topic very recently covering this same stuff??

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And if you want to whip up some quick and comical filler models Snotlings work wonders; just a single blister and you almost have an entire unit of little ill-equiped slaves
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Teq Botza

Flaggelants would be good for empire slaves.
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I use slaves from almost every race. some empire free company, a bunch of gobbos and night gobbos, a few bret peasants, four hobbits, gandalf, 2 gnoblars, a snotling, and a few random minis from here and there

basically, anything that's not an elf, saurus, chaos warrior, or other supergood core troop works
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I think, people here are missing the point. It is not about, what units could be enslaved, it is about, how can you convert plaque monks into slaves ;)

Maybe you could paint the robes with black and white stripes?
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Saint anger already explained how. You can also use the way written in rotten rodents artcile (I dont want to post the link again, would be the 4th time I think :P ).

Simply cut plage monks in half at weist level. Use the legs from skaven (flatten the top first) and you get a wretched looking slave. Then use the lower part to be attached to a clanrat body, it will make them stand taller and look like some kind of samurai. They can be used as normal clanrat and I think they would also fit perfectly for stormvermin (if you give them spear)

Give the slave plague monks weapon and the other clanrat arms.
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Apr 5 2006, 09:54 PM
I use slaves from almost every race... four hobbits, gandalf

Yes, slaves cross all race and license boundaries. I am painting some skinks and gobbos as slaves, but the empire/zombie conversions didn't work out as well as I would have hoped.

All things said, I still prefer Skaven for my slaves....
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Thrask Vilepaw
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These are all good points but never ever underestimate the use of zombie bodies, they are wonderful things and usually work with every race making them look emaciated and ill Dev a few of the openly dead bodies dont work but the really ribby ones work well
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