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the Vinshqueek saga - part 4; First steps into the quest...
Topic Started: 19th May 2005 - 06:55 AM (318 Views)
Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
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Although it hadn't been easy to find it, actually entering it was even worse. For so many mooncycles, Vinshqueek had been searching for the cavern. He hadn't known a name, but ever since he had fought that vermin lord, a new sense of direction had overtaken him. If he concentrated well enough on a certain item or person, his mind gave him a quite certain direction. And it paid off in many, many events... But still, to find this cavern, and even more: the item laying within it. It had been a long and hard journey.
The second boundary of the voyage was to actually pass the guards. Looking like skaven, Vinshqueek thought bypassing would be an easy thing, but it was quite the opposite. Guarding the cavern were two lesser vermin lords, creatures with more strength then a rat ogre, but not as much to ascend to deamonhood. And they sensed the Overlord coming their way, even before Vinshqueek saw them in front of the cavern.

Eventually, Vinshqueek stood on top of a small hill, with the two lesser vermin lords below him. Taking his chances, the Overlord stepped downwards and confronted the two beings. He definitely needed to pass and it seemed there would be no way around those two.

"Lords-lords of vermin. I, Vinshqueek warlord-lord, wish to enter cave-cave you protect. Great-great power has guided me this-this way. It is the will-will of Horned Rat himself and should-should you disagree, then you will face-face my wrath before-fore suffering in paws of Horned Rat-rat for eternity!"

Looking down towards the little skaven in front of them, who just put a threat into their direction. Him, a tiny little runt, just made a verbal attack on them, two (almost) vermin lords! For a moment, they had the urge to burst out in full-scale laughter. Only the sheer scale of the insult, which came with the message, made them quite agitated instead.

The first guard turned towards his companion, mentioning they should kill him right on the spot. His companion, on the other hand, had the more intricate thought of letting Vinshqueek enter and to let the essence of the cavern itself kill the skaven in front of them. The debate grew more and more into an infight, and eventually Vinshqueek wondered if he would ever be able to pass them.
That was, until it seemed the Horned Rat granted Vinshqueek a favour. While bickering over if the rat should or shouldn't enter the cavern, a small meteor plumetted from out of the sky, crashing right through the cavern doors. Although not destroying the doors, it left a hole that was just big enough for Vinshqueek alone. Noticing this, the lesser vermin lords didn't want to anger their patron and so let the skaven enter the vavern.

And now he was so near his goal... In front of him, beyond the darkness and the shadows, a greenish light glowed. Vinshqueek could not see very clear what it was, but he felt with every fibre of his body that this was what pulled at him, what had drawn him to this place. And stepping forward, ever closer to the light, he was going to find out what it was.
At a point, he noticed it to be an altar, with the green light shining above it. But suddenly a voice boomed through the darkness. It sounded like it was everywhere, and yet nowhere. It sounded like it was a creature in front of him, and almost like it was his conscious talking to him. "I sseeee you... And I know why you are here, runt-lord Vinshqueek."

"Who-who are you", yelled Vinshqueek back into the darkness, "Show yourself!". But only the dying laughter from whatever just spoke to him was what remained. Even while skaven were built for living underground and therefor also had good sight in darkness, nothing was to be seen in the shadows and darkness in front of him. Only the altar, with the sword he was looking for, hoovering above it. That, and that accursed green shadowy fog which coiled around it.

At a point, Vinshqueek grew wairy of approaching further towards the accursed blade in front of him. Although the vermin lord had told him this blade would mean an unmatched power, the old Overlord never trusted deamons very well. Especially the fog annoyed him, for fog could hide traps very well. And the last thing Vinshqueek wanted, was to be caught by a trap and never to return to his lair, his clan, his home...
But just at the moment when that thought hit his mind, Vinshqueek was hit by an unseen force. Flying through the air, he tried to seek a good momentum to land on both his feet, but it was to avail as he crashed into the floor, several feet away, and blanked out for a momemt. When he opened his eyes the green fog coiled around him, waiting, like a snake would wait for his prey to falter. But it wasn't like that at all, for slowly... Almost with deamon-like precision, the fog entered his body. Through his nostrils, his ears, his gasping mouth. It entered his body and went in search for his mind, his soul. And all the time, the voice in his head grew louder and louder.

"Yesss... I feel strong power within you. Power yet to be unleashed, yesss... I think I should not kill you yet, for you show purpose. Purpose for me. Yesss, I feel anger now, anger and powerrr. Good-good, let it grow, fuel yourself with it."

Vinshqueek, now longer in control of his own body, went into a series of violent convulsions. His body, neither in control of the deamonic creature as well, was working harder then it should, trying to throw the being out of him.

"Ssshame. Bad sssport you are for not letting me ssstay. But I will be close... Don't forget that, I will be close to watch you!"

And while the convulsion grew worse and worse, Vinshqueek blanked out once again. His mind, torn apart by the intrusion of the deamon, could not take it anymore and let the world slip. Though it didn't leave his body, the Overlord lay in a coma-like state on the floor for a period, he would not know. But it didn't matter to him anymore. Once again, Vinshqueek was flying high. High over the underground world of the dead, his slain enemies taunting him to fight them once more.
But Vinshqueek did not care about them... Not anymore at least. The deamon creature would have to be held to its word. The sword would be his, and with the sword the head of Stakkin. The rogue seer was still out there somewhere, and Vinshqueek would not rest before the runt would be put down. And he, only he, was going to ensure that Stakkin would be in no position to do harm to the Brass Squeek faction.

Suddenly, he heard voices again and his body started to shake. Afraid of plumetting (unarmed) into the group of old enemies below him, Vinshqueek started to fight back. How wairy and exhausted he was, fighting an overwhelming horde of old enemies was even less appealing. Screaming out loud, he tried to push himself away from the drop he started to make to the darkness below him.
With an astonishing speed, Vinshqueek slammed his left-paw towards the jaw of the guard who was trying to wake him. A crunching sound was the result of the collission of those two, ending up with the head of guard snapping backwards. Slowly, the body started to fall backwards with its neck broken.

The other guard, seeing his companian - as a dead body - dropping towards the floor, did not know if the old warlord lying on the floor was a friendly rat anymore. But to make a decision on this matter was something the guard would never be able to make. Since in "his dream", Vinshqueek pushed himself away from the growing darkness below him, he made a leap of the floor, landing right upon the altar where the deamon sword still hoovered. Almost as if it knew a weapon was near to him, Vinshqueek raised his arm and like on command, the sword flew into his paws, acknowledging the Overlord as its master.


Splattered with gore, Vinshqueek left the cavern. In his quest for seeking and destroying the rogue seer Stakkin, he succeeded in his first step. He had the blade of power, the sword with the essence of a deamon. And all what was left behind in the cavern as his testimony, was one dead body, and one very gutted body.


Okay, yes... It might have been something of an anti-climax, with me not fully describing the slaughter Vinshqueek is reaping on the poor guard (suuuure!), but I think the story is more about finding the sword then about the violence that is bonded to that quest.

Any comments, remarks and/or praise is (as usual) highly appreciated!

In the Horned One we trust, all others we monitor.

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damn nice as always vinz :P, cant wait for part 5 ^_^
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I liked it very much, nothing like a good dose of Daemonic Possession to form the basis of a gripping story, which you've written very well.

Just one humble suggestion - you might want to alter the typo in the line

landing right upon the altar where the deamon sword still hoovered.

I just can't get the thought of a Chaos Vacuum cleaner out of my head now! :P :lol:
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