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The Phink Experiments; Part 1 of the series
Topic Started: 20th April 2005 - 10:58 PM (299 Views)
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Ok, well I'm not too sure when I'm gonna have this take place. Just no it takes place at some point in time during the civil war and all that shpeil. Enjoy. :D

As the assassin fell from the ceiling, he gazed around the empty room. Odd contraptions, grotesque, gore stained tools, and the constant green glow of warpstone filled it with the eerie shifting light. The dark brown clothes, practically melded into the wall as he gazed around the room. Pointed teeth, grinning in the dark as he moved swiftly to the desk. Ratphink had proved himself an too tricky for his good, especially while he kept his stay in the Ulricsburg. Unfortunately the camouflaged assassin was only there for reconnaissance.

Red beady eyes, looked around the wooden desk that stood against the wall, ornate wood, shambled and kept together with brass and iron that destroyed once must have been beauty. Yanking out draws he stumbled across something rather interesting, an old man-thing journal. Grinning from ear to ear, as he swiped some half mechanical rodent off the desk, it’s squeals of pain echoing softly in the den as opened the yellow old pages. Flipping up, he soon found Skaven writing, and turning to the most recent days he began to read...

Day of the Bloody Rivers:

Klaww has finally takyn over the Inferno Lords. Scratch was dysposid of later and the Elf-thing mercenaries have finally agreed to bring me much-much dragon blood. The experymeents with lizard-thing blood did not work. Though I did create ferocious killer-things, they will not do. My experymeents wyll need some dragon-thing blood to complete.

Day of the Dragon-Blood:

Was giveen much dragon-thing blood. It also from their Princes dragon-thing. They called him Eemryk. Some elf-thing prince. The slaves are already being tested. Many experymeents have been made so far. We needed to create new tool, to insert dragon blood in slave body. Works well but need to inject it straight to heart, or else dragon blood weell no fill body. Thees has gotten tricky.

Day of Success

Yes! It finally worked. It took 20 slaves but it worked. Only works with pure Skaven too. Experiments were placed under extremely high amounts of warplightning. New tool made, extremely thing and capable of entering heart, it just nided troll blood so it no caused permanent damage. Slave now recovering. Already black scales cover his body, and long newt tale grown. Wings sprouting from back. My most excellent beastie yet!

Day of Production

Skaven StormVermin are now-now being tested on. Even more likely for success than slave. StormVermin strong and can undergo proceedure. Mass producing my prittys. Hired Clan Eshin to steal book-things from Man-things. Commander of StormVermin proving to have magical capabilities in his new form-form. He shall be taught the shadows. Even the Darkslayer shall fear these minions.

Scared beyond belief, the assassin gazed in horror at his surroundings. Only now understanding some of the disgusting tools that lay strewn about the warren. A bed, attached to some device, a massive rusting switch just next to it. As the beady eyes gazed in horror and realization of what he just stumbled on, a figure fell from the ceiling without him knowing it. Large, bat like wings spread out behind it, white teeth, sharp to a point grinned evilly as long, lanky and scaley arms gripped the assassin.

“Masssster Ratphink doesn’t it like when nossssey Sssskaven sssssnoop in his den.” The hissing voice echoed into the ear of the wretched assassin before dagger like teeth ripped out it’s throat. Hunched back as he watched the dead rat fall to the ground it began to feast, revelling in the taste of warm flesh, as it seeped and spread over the already stained floor.
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Award for the Worst joke ever goes to... THRASKITAR for the following:
Now, now, everybody, let's not lose our heads over this... wink.gif *wink-wink*
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