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Rat Hunt; War in the Ulricsberg (Chapter 20)
Topic Started: 21st March 2005 - 05:43 PM (447 Views)
Warlord Wynnar
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Lord Of Ulricsberg
The Dark Beneath the Worlds - Prologue
Written by Rattsu and SneakyRodent

Chapter 1: Discoveries and Problems
Chapter 2: Desperate Measures
Chapter 3: Paws in the Dark
Chapter 4: War of the Words
Chapter 5: A Long Journey Home
Chapter 6: Some Good News at Last
Chapter 7: Things Unknown
Chapter 8: Undertow
Chapter 9: Deals with the Damned

War in the Ulricsberg Cycle
Written by Rattsu, SneakyRodent, Antherak_173, Warlord Wynnar, Father Squee

Chapter 10: First Strike
Chapter 11: War Inside the Mountain
Chapter 12: Allies From Below
Chapter 13: A Meeting of Leaders
Chapter 14: Taking a Stand
Chapter 15: Omens
Chapter 16: Down. Down the Slippery Slope
Chapter 17: Return to the Mountain
Chapter 18: Collision Course
Chapter 19: Once More into the Breach
Chapter 20: Bloodbath
Chapter 21: Four Paths
Chapter 22: Mystery
Chapter 23: Interlude
Chapter 24: One Last Obstacle
Chapter 25: Within Striking Distance
Chapter 26: No retreat, No surrender
Chapter 27: At the mouth of the beast.
Chapter 28: The Trap

He ran, the sharp clinking of his mechano-parts clearly audible even over the warning bells that sounded in the secret warren of Rattsu The Black, lord of Ulricsberg. Behind the pale furred one, a dozen or so of Rattsu's elite stormvermin ran towards him, swords cleached in their paws. They knew that if they didn't get the prisoner back, Rattsu would most likely flay them alive. The weapons were gone, he knew it as the warlock had stripped most from his body, even the warfirethrower built into the claw but the claw in itself had still worked, the proof it being the two dead guards he had left behind althought he was uncomfortable with the swords he had stolen from them, having used to the longer reach of his halberd. One of the Hissvin warriors in front of him moved to intercept him but he smashed one of the swords quickly into his abdomen, leaving the blade embedded in the gut of the unfortunate rat. Down to one sword, he swore and took a few sharp corners. After a couple of hours he had finally lost his pursuers in the tunnels, now slowly crawling inside a sewage tunnel that would most likely end somewhere near one the entrances in to the mountain proper.

He dusted most of the lizard dung away from his robes and slowly started to walk back towards territory owned by the Claws. About half an hour later the warlord came upon a small sentry post, the rats drawing their weapons. "Halt-halt, who goes there-there!" The warlord lowered his hood and glared at the warriors present. "It's me-me you idiots. Warlord Wynnar! Now-now get me to the council chamber quick-quick, I have urgent news about Rattsu." The warlord indeed looked just like the enormous leader of clan Skarratch and the smell was right too. Virulus rats leaped into action making sure that they did not displease him, althought when one of then snickered about the sorry state of the warlord's clothes, he soon found out that even thought Wynnar had lost an eye and a great bit from his sence of smell, his hearing was still as good as ever and the strenght in the metallic claw that crushed his head was not to be underestimated either. After that, the remaining rats summoned a regiment of warriors held in reserve to lead the warlord where he wanted to go. "Yes-yes, everything is going to be very good-good from now on.." The warlord thought and licked the blood from the claw, thinking what he would do to the one who had dared to oppose him. A cold chuckle echoed in the caverns of Ulricsberg.

EDIT: Argh, stupid me, of course I should have included Antheraks story... :( Feel free to edit the title.
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oooowww, he scaed, but with any juicy info?
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Yes, a very ..... interesting escape...

Why do I get the nagging suspiscion that this is just a little too good to be true?

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*grins* Title edited!

Aaaahhh so the plot thickens... and Wynnar is out. *grins*

What? You thought I was gonna torture him for information? *ponders* Hmmm *ponders more*

Next part will follow the update.

This is a great story as usual *grins* poor Rattsu is running low on stormvermin by now...
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You'd think that wouldn't you... :P
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