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The Lirrit Chronicles; Parr Five- daemons terrifying
Topic Started: 10th March 2005 - 05:54 PM (377 Views)
daemonic badger
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Fangz bellowed in agony in his private camber. The voices in his head, he couldn’t shake them off. They whispered his downfall, and he knew that if he ever relaxed his guard they would control him. Damn them! The rlllking daemons, for that was what he knew them to be. He continued to blunder around his warren when a voice, his own for a change, rung true in his head. Krichit. H e was the blasted seer who brought the daemons here, maybe he could help him get them way. Barely able to concentrate because of the painful ringing in his ear, he stumbled out his warren.
Krichit flung himself onto his straw bedding. the effects of all the demonology were begging to show. His eyes were hollow and sunk, yet they had a fiery centre, of the purest darkness, and were deeply blood shot. His claws were extremely long and sharp. His sense of sight and smell amplified a dozen times. His fur grew long and shaggy in some places, yet clumps of fur were falling out in others.
He had now become more than slightly addicted to the dangerous warpstone. His breeding warren was now host too more than one invisible daemon.
Fangz stumbled along the tunnels and burst into Krichit’s private warren. He was then more than a little bit startled when the hunched figure shot round to face him, his blood shot eyes glaring at him from the shadows. “ Yes yes, what you want?” Krichit snarled at the intruding Storm vermin “ you!” he screamed pointing a claw at the grey seer. “ You make the things I my head, no?” He continued fiercely, Krichit looked shocked for a moment then a grin started to break over your face. “ You you and your daemons, that’s what started it, make make it go away!” he shouted, at the very brink of desperation. “ Well, I could could do,” Krichit started. Fangz looked at hi hopefully. “ But, but what’s in it for me,”
“Anything” he shrieked, “As long as you make the voices go away.” “Very well, follow me”. Is head pulsating under the agony of the voices inside his head, Fangz followed the darting figure up the tunnels, until they reached the fresh air, and the starlit sky. Cringing under the moons fierce glare Fangz quickly followed the Grey Seer, despite all his warning bells ringing at being above ground. Finally the reached a small clearing under the grove of trees. Warily, Fangz followed the grey seer into the centre.
Krichit sat down, cross-legged in the centre of the clearing. Beckoning for Fangz to follow him. He produced some heavily scented candles and put them down on the floor. He drew his sharp claw over his skin and let the blood drip on the floor. Sitting upright he fell into a deep trance.
Krichit involuntarily flinched as his sprit-essence entered the warp, despite how many times he ventured there, suddenly entering the aether was a frightening experience. Gaining control of himself he began to search the sea of souls for the one he was looking for. He soon found it. The bestial, horned visage of the Vermin lord Raeth’r leered out at him from beyond time and space. “You-you” the daemon announced as he saw the incoming spirit of Krichit. “ Yes, I have finally found a way for you to gain passage to our realm.” the daemon licked his lips greedily. “ But, I do not have the magical ability to pull it off.” The vermin lord’s features turned into a scowl, before a leer of triumph took over. “ I know just the daemon, She owes me a favour or two.” If Krichit was surprised at this remark he did not show it. “Good good, I want to do so I now,” “ patience-patience” and with that the Vermin Lord momentarily disappeared.
For what seemed like an age to Krichit, but what was probably just a few minutes in realty, the Vermin lord reappeared, a second, feminine daemon there with him. She seemed to have the stature of an elf, yet her curving claws, her soulless eyes, gave away her true being. “ Be quick then Raeth’r” the Daemon snapped. “ Very well Seraphim,” with that, the three sorceress began to pour their magical energies into Raeth’r, and the unwilling host.
Fangz looked around nervously, he felt he could practically cut the tension in the air with a knife. He felt a lump rising in his throat, as the chanting of the grey seer rose to a fevered pitch he felt a voice in his head with screaming intensity. His vision blocked and he was thrown into a world from the darkest corners of his mind. Looking around frantically he saw the vermin lord coming towards him. holding his staff horizontal in front of him, the daemon lifted the fearsome doom glaive over it. with a shriek that echoed in all the dusty recesses of his mind, the vermin lord swept towards him, he had once last chance for a curse in Krichit’s general direction, before he fell into blackness.
Krichit opened his eyes and watched as Fangz muscles bulged, his fangs grew long and horns sprouted from his skull, a Doom glaive seemed to sprout out of Fangz hand, or what was now the vermin lords, to appear in a flashing arc. With a final scream, the vermin lord took full control. His evil tongue whipping in and out, tasting the freedom of the material realm, Raeth’r smiled, he was here, and he was here to wreak vengeance once more.
* * * * * *
Gormag wielded his cumbersome halberd to chop off another of the Brass Keeps rat head. Momentarily bathing in the bloodlust, he once more joined the fray. the fighting had been fierce in the tunnels surrounding Fang warren had been fierce and bloody. He had received word that the monster that Brass keep was sporting were un the nearby tunnels. Gormag was only glad it wasn’t here. The fierce clan Mor warrior had been holding the line from just after he arrived here. Though he had to admit, he was enjoying it.
Almost blinded by the ‘red mist’, he ordered the release of the rat ogres. Screaming wildly he joined the rat ogres in their rampage towards the enemy lines. he saw the leader less forces of the head coach, and set straight for them, cutting aside rat after rat, he finally crashed into the enemy lines, then something made his heart freeze in terror…

the two daemons, Reath'r and Seraphim can be explained. Raeht'r, is a new model that i'm converting,its part of a rat daemon army that im doing that sprouted from myStrom daemon(vermin kin) idea but grew to much more than that. Ive ordered my vermin lord model from eBay and is due to arrive soon, as soon as i have finished it i promise ill get pics up. Seraphim is my charcter for COTECS's campaign, she also a mercanary im using so the plot will continue with her. should get some more stroy up soon.

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