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Aftershocks... [during 'Testing Project Supremacy'; Rattsu day 34 part 9
Topic Started: 4th August 2004 - 02:05 PM (487 Views)
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[Part 9]

[Day 34]

[During the testing of Projecy Supremacy and during Operation Nightrunner]

In the forests outside Untergard, a small commotion was taking place.

“Hold-hold him!” Kwikk desperately struggled with the grey seer, the albino rat rabid with fear, stenching up the entire clearing with his musk. And this had been such a nice place to rest too, piles of supplies stolen from man-things, nice bramble covers, and now everyone would get nervous from that musk.

“It... it... I see IT!” Grey Seer Skwee was convulsing fiercely; tail flapping on the ground, held down by clanrats too nervous to hold him proper. After all, the Seer should normally be beyond them even touching him.

“Blast! Get-get Rattsu here, I think Skwee over-dosed!” Kwikk was out of his element, he was not supposed to be in command. He was not supposed to take the kind of decisions that could lead to him losing a tail or be kicked down a rank. He was supposed to follow orders and play it safe at the rear. Not to be in charge of a potentially lethal and overdosing Seer...

“Warlord gone-gone. Took small force to kill-kill man-things. West-path to Unter-Gard. Stelfklaw sent word.” One-Eye kept at a safe distance, the truce between him and Kwikk was always uneasy. They held the same rank, but Kwikk was favoured (or unambitious) enough to be trusted by Rattsu. Let see the cheiftain dig himself out of this hole. One-Eye was pleased to just look on.

“It-is opening... the colours... all bright-bright. I see, I see it-IT!” Skwee was frothing at the mouth now, red eyes unseeing, paws still clutching the insulated warpstone pouch. “It... it is coming! The horned-rat! The walls shake... the city...” A small choked hickup shut off whatever the seer was raving about, and suddenly his nostrils flared wide in search of air.

“Blast!” Kwikk whined in terror, mixing his own musk with the Seer. By now all that kept the clanrats there was the terror that if they let go the seer might unleash some terrible doom that might damn them all. “He swallowed tongue-tongue! Get-get stick now!” Kwikk had never seen the seer like this, normally his warpstone-induced fits were limited to vomiting and mutterings about dire omens, this... this was different. He felt it in his teeth that something terrible had happened somewhere.

One of the clanrats had acted quickly enough, and brought him not only a stick, but a piece of leather as well to bind the paws of the struggling seer. Kwikk made a note to remember the scent; this one was real stormvermin material.

“Hold-hold still, blast it!” Kwikk clung to the seer, pressing down the wiry body that held surprisingly much strength when manic. For the first time Kwikk gave some credit to the rumour that the seer had indeed slain a champion of chaos while frenzied. He forced the seer’s jaws open, keeping them pried apart with the while he reached down with the stick to slide it behind the tongue where it had got stuck. A few jerks and the slippery thing were back in position, freeing the seer to draw long shivering breaths. Kwikk sighed in relief, but a moment later that was changed into a loud squeak as the seer brought his sharp incisors down right on his hand. “Squeeee!” He jerked back, shocked and outraged.

“I see-see...” Skwee blinked, still held down, but suddenly with his eyes back in focus. “I see great-great omens!” The clanrats slunk away, leaving the awe-struck seer to gaze upon the tick canopy of trees above. “I see... oh I see... at the wall-walls of Hergig, I see...” He fell into a manic wheezing giggle, whiskers shivering in obvious delight. “It... it has come-home at last.” Then he lapsed into unconsciousness, body growing limp as exhaustion finally took its toll.

“He saw-saw what?” One-Eye stepped closer now that the danger was over, he still remembered the time the seer had spread plague through the entire camp one night while high. Rattsu had never found out the cause, but One-Eye had, and it left him with a few rather huge unspecified favours to call on from the seer when it was needed.

“I don’t know-know.” Kwikk rubbed his bleeding paw, wishing he could just give the limp rat a good kick. “But I know-know that he’d better be awake and clear-headed when Rattsu comes back.” He sighed loudly, tail curling around his leg. He’d better arrange to have the seer washed as well, those white robes were not very clean anymore. And he stunk.

And it was Kwikk’s mess to clean up. Not for the first time he regretted being left in charge, but... he wouldn’t trade the perks for anything. He loved the food and the lack of risks far too much.

Even if it meant dealing with half-sane warpstone addicted Grey Seers raving about the grand future of skavendom...
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Nice! Love it, the Verminlord marches agian!
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:D :D :D love it!
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Ajax = warpstone juice

not sure which story of yours i like the best, all are good
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Nice work! :D
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