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Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
Topic Started: 1st March 2018 - 09:32 PM (76 Views)
Rusty Tincanne
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...you can still call me Rusty Tincanne if you want, though.

Hello? waits for echoes to die down before continuing...

My skaven had been gathering dust long before AoS, but I always fantasize about using them. And I'm drawn more to skirmish sized battles, but AoS doesn't speak much to me for many reasons. And Mordheim is a great world, but definitely has some major deficits. Anyhow, I heard about Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes and am intrigued, and I wonder if any of you might play it. It seems that, though there are only two stats, the special skills make warbands easily customized. Looking over the Warband Builder shows that you could create a warband from any of the major clans, and that you get to choose your spells is nice compared to Mordheim's crap shoot. And it seems easy enough to include any miniatures you might have, from any range of minis...

Anyone have any experience?
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