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Clan Ikkrit.; New player to AOS and the hobby itself. Chaos Alliance.
Topic Started: 12th February 2018 - 11:09 PM (165 Views)
Ikkrit Foulclaw
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Yes-yes. Greetings.

So I'm a bit new to AOS and playing matches in general. I am still painting and modelling. But this is the list I'm aiming for.

The list is in the PDF file it contains:

Spiteclaw + swarm

2 skaven warlords

1 packmaster

1 warlock engineer

1 skaven assasin

40 clanrats spears (skaven)

40 clanrats handweapon (skaven)

20 stormvermin *bsb*

6 rat ogors

1 warpfire weapon team. Because More-MORE flaming death. ^Warpfire^

1 global wind mortar weapon team

1 warp lightning cannon

Gettting at (1980 points) in total.

It is a bit of a buffing army. Relying on Gnash-Gnaw on their bones (+1 attack for each Verminus model). This while Spiteclaws swarm is some fodder I can put infront to counter charge with for, like example my rat ogors. Wich would give them +1 extra attack. :rogre:

What do you think? Tips are extremelly welcome! I'm new to it all.
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Squeek Rotfang
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Considering that you aren't just playing one clan, you'll need another unit of Clanrats to have 3 Battleline units. Also, I would have a few Ratling Guns or Warplock Jezzails for some more consistently reliable ranged options. Other than that, It looks good!
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Ikkrit Foulclaw
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I'm curious were you got that from then. The scroll builder of the community doesnt seem to say I need to add that, it even says I go over the battle line units. It isn't a verminus either. Nor that it speaks in the chaos grand alliance tome that I need such, nor can I find it.

Is it from the generals hand book? Doesnt the Stormvermin make it 3? And or the ogors, warfpire thrower, mortal wind thrower?

I'm just curious since I'm completelly new to this. I have yet to show it at the local store.

This is the warscroll builder I use btw: https://www.warhammer-community.com/warscroll-builder/

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Squeek Rotfang
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The WH Community builder doesn't separate regular Battleline and Battleline that is faction-specific. Since your army can't claim Clan-specific Battleline, only Clanrats count as Battleline. Stormvermin and Rat Ogres are specific to Verminus and Moulder respectively.
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Ikkrit Foulclaw
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Thats so lame XD. Gosh danr it. So I'm forced to keep all the clans split.

..... Thats no fun. Hrmmh... wich means I'm forced to take around 150 clanrats or so and 40 stormvermin. Cant take 6 ogre rats or the assasin. I thought chaos aliance was a thing were you can just pick whatever.

Well that ruins my mood.
After having a talk with someone I know. I understand how it works now. I didn't have a generals handbook. So I missed a part in the chaos alliance part. I understand the battle line part now. XD Thank you for pointing it out to me! I wonder what to switch up a little then... Hrmmh. Oh well I'l figure something out.

Still thanks a mile Squeek Rotfang.


If I ad a unit of 20 clanrats. I get on the perfect 2100 points. Wich gives me some options on what I can do. Using the extra 20 probably as chaff. I think I can get a counter charge of with 40 clanrats. If so I can cut a warlord, assasin, engineer.

I can also take away 2 rat ogors. Wich gives me some extra room even. That being 20 points. Keeping all my lords. Wich can make my global wind mortar unit a ratling gun.

Or I could cut a warlord and two ogors. For 20 giant rats and use the packmaster to stoke each, each turn for a charge. This will be a bit general intensive as you want to fight on as few fronts as possible to keep the buffs in numbers for giant rats, clanrats I gues though XD.

The global wind mortar unit can also isntead be 5 skryre acolytes or 1 doom flayer. Can someone tell me the effectivennes of the choose between these three?
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