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clan brightfang 1500 points army; 1500 pints army list for tournaments
Topic Started: 22nd December 2017 - 09:36 AM (72 Views)

Hi all,

i am a old skaven player new to age of sigmar.
I will post some pictures of the army soon. Most of it is painted or in the process of being painted.
After playing a few games now, i have decided that it is time for my first tournament.
So at the end of feburary i have a 1500 points tournament.

Now i wanted to ask my fellow skaven players to have a look at my list and give me some advice.

The list:



- skaven warlord with barbded blade & hellbard (100)

- Skaven assasain (100)

- Skaven Packmaster with Thingscatcher (60)


- 20 clanrats with rusted swords, clanshields, 2 banners, 2 champions, 2 musicians (120)

- 20 clanrats with rusted spears, clanshields, 2 banners, 2 champions, 2 musicians (120)

- 5 Pluage cencer Bearers (60)


- 3 warplock Jazzails (140)

- Warplightning cannon (180)


- 20 stormvermin with hellbards, 2 banners, 2 champions, 2 musicians (280)

- 4 Rat Ogers (240)

- Ratling Gun (80)

Total points: 1480

So tell me what do you think of this list?
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Squeek Rotfang
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Might I ask why you have 2 sets of full command per Clanrat/Stormvermin Unit?
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in the generalshandbook of 2016 clanrats and stormvermin came with 10 models in a unit.
so i build several small units of clanrats with full command.

in the new handbook of 2017 clanrats come in units of 20. In the unit entry it says any model can be a ( insert 1 of the 3). i figured that they are no longer limeted to just 1 set of full command.
Unless i somehow misread this.

secondary more banners in the unit makes the unit look more awesome on the table ^^
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