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Warhammer Armies Project Skaven; Review
Topic Started: 20th December 2017 - 05:22 PM (169 Views)
Kisonki Kisoni
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I think many of you know about WFB Armies Project, and as my local community play Fantasy Battles a lot (8th ed, most), we look at Armies Project as fresh and decent alternative. So if you would like to hop in, check this: http://warhammerarmiesproject.blogspot.ru/2017/09/download-page-for-ios-users.html

Here I would like to tell you all about things going with Skaven and what's been changed:


Clanrats - Yes they are almost the same! Still good and reliable choice, can stay forever in CC with shields and hand weapon, enemy will hate you, especially when you put like 5 units of 40 in high point games. NOW they go a bit higher in point value (5 per/model) BUT we have shield "included" and spears are "free" to replace hand weapon if you wish. Weapon Teams are a bit cheaper now, but I'd get to it later.

Stormvermin - Always feel strange about them! I can't get use to the fact, that my elite troops are not SO elite as WoC or High Elves are, and I always suffer for sending my block of 40 Storms into PURE HELL. And when they all die in 2-3 CC's phases I am always like: "Cmon...why are they so.." We have pretty the same characteristics here - 7 points a model and so on, 1/2 points for shield (I think it was 1 p/per) AND in the next update they would have an option to go with HAND WEAPONS, and that means 4+ Armour Heavy Infantry (as far as Skaven could call it "heavy") with 4WS and it ROCKS. Very VERY exited to buy another 40-ty to convert them to Hw&Shields.

Skavenslaves - nerfed a lot, but still good. At first they can't be joined by characters anymore - so no more Ld 10 slaves (that cheat really had to be nerfed, I understand). But after all they are still S3 T3 models for 2 points (1/2 points for shields, spears etc) which can be taken in HUUUGGEE numbers. Personally I would not use them (I try to muster more "elite" Clan Mors forces on the table), but they do fit into Skryre and other lores perfectly. Btw they are still expandable and so on..

Plague Monks - YES-YES, here we go! Monks are CORE now! We are still Frenzy, two S3 attacks, outstanding T4 (again, for skaven) and tons of damage! Unfortunately we don't have access to plague banner anymore (but tbh it was broken as ****), BUT we now have a ton of cheap and cool magic to buff this unit with additional attacks, poison and so on.. As for now we have 8pts rip and tear toughguys, with I4 on charge (everyone has +1 to I, when charging, for 1st round of CC) they can do some REALLY nasty damage.

Night Runners - Weird! For the first glance we have cool skirmisher unit (yes-yes they are light troops now!), with "amahighelf' Initiative 5 and 2 attacks, BUT now we do not benefit for ranks, which can be crucial, becuase this guys still have no armour save. Of course we still do have access to slings for 1 pt, but minimal size is 20+. I tell you what - 20 minis in skirmish formation need a LOT OF SPACE, and I can't image divert with this huge pack, also skirmish is not very good for slings, it is a tight formation weapon (because of short range). Oh, and we can Vanguard but only 6". Overall NR are meeeeh.

Giant Rats - Good old ones. 3 per rat, 8 per Packmaster. Nothing to say, still can divert, charge block and play other dirty things. Can't have a master moulder anymore - he is a stand alone Hero now.

Rat Swarms - Now counts to CORE! Ever wanted to summon a real vermintide? Now you can. 25 pts per base, W5 A5, but S2 T2. Unbreakable though! Dunno, but really would like to put like 30 bases and find out what would happen.


We still have 4 of them. Now they all have 2 wounds but no more armour saves. Also there is no 4+ ward save in 4" of parent unit anymore (oh, sweat bugs/cheats), but there is a 4+ Look Out Sir. Dunno why, but we can't add Weapon Teams to Stormvermin and Globadiers anymore.

Firethrower - Still rocks and a bit cheaper. Can't Stand and Shoot anymore, but it's S5 template multiple D3 wounds. VERY scary against Minotaurs, Ogres, Putrid Blight Kings and others. 65 pts now! (-10pts)

Posined Wind Mortar - Now wounds always on 5+. No more 4's in the centre. But still no armour saves allowed - if you are lucky enough bring 2-5 to big game vs Dwarfs and demolish all his Ironbrakers! Can shoot and move, as it was. only 50 now!

Gatling Gun - All the same mechanics, roll D6 shots till you die/enough. Now it DOES suffer for long distance (-1 to HIT), but still does not suffer for multiple shots. 50 pts.

Doomflayer - No more D3 impacts, but we still do Artillery Dice of attacks with S4 an 1AP (-2 to sumup) 3+ front armour included. 50pts.

Warpgrinder - All the same! D3 hits with S4 each round of CC. Can be burrowed with Gutter/Night Runners. All mechanics are the same. 30 pts.

That's all of CORE.


Gutter Runners - good ones. All the same pretty decent stats, have access to poison (but it does not work with slings anymore) for close combat and throwing stars. Can be a real pain for any artillery/lone mages/low attack shrines, now they can appear out of nowhere and anywhere on the table, but at least 12" away of the closest enemy. Grab a champion, because champions provide 8inch-enemy-away-march and charge-redirect re-rolls. Dodge works different - all successful 6's to wound/hit should be rerolled. 10pts each.

Plague Cencer Bearers - I really love this guys, they hit as hell in 7th ed, but now a bit nerfed. We lost 1 attack here, (so only 2 with frenzy) but still cost 13 points. Meh! But I think we still good to go - 2 S5 I4 (on charge) Hatred attacks sound great! And hit hard. I use from 10 to 20 of them as a destruction carnifex and as a "I-die-but-you-die-more". Yeah, they can still die on 6 roll every time they are in Base to Base with each other, but remember enemies roll toughness test too! No much of units have T5 or even T4 in Warhammer, so watch as High Elves Swordmasters die by TONS of autohit-no-armour-saves 4,5,6's.

Plague Rats - Something interesting we got there! A swarm with S2 T2 and classic A5 W5, but with poisoned attacks! Decent 6 movement allow to slip into enemy line and divert some warmachines or light skirmishers. LSS they should work! 30pts/base.

Wolfrats - Yeah, a wolf, but rat. So we have a solid stats - M8 (wow!), WS4 (damn they fight like a Stormvermin!), S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 ld4. And they are Frenzy.. aaand they gain 1 impact hit for every rank bonus (up to 3). I am glad we have a fast and biting swiftride thing now, decent choice. 6pts per model!!!

Rat Ogres - 35 points now! Don't have any Champions for now, don't know why, only Pack Master. And no any Master Moulders (they are heroes now, remember?). But hey could fit somewhere...imo still hardly usable.

Globadiers - all stats are the same, except they have a BS4 champion now (or am I wrong and they always had it?). 6" shots with No-armour-saves can be very deadly for some mid-tier cavalry or lone heroes. In warhammer project rulebook it is possible to shoot in CC if you are 4" away of unengaged flank/rear/front but you hit friendly on 1's anyway. As 1's to HIT are autohit on globadier itself you risk nothing! So keep your fumers close to clanrats and do dirty things, when they engage!

Jezzails - I say one thing. We have a Champion with "Sniper" rule now (snipe BsBs/mages/champions on 2nd turn with S6 and -4 to Armour). If it is not enough for ya, we do have 2W now and 2A now. But they are only 5+ armour in range combat, but cmon, 2W!!! MUST HAVE!


Brood Horror - Fat big rat. M8, 4+ regen, Stubborn, T5-W5, five S6 attacks. Have special rule: All units in base contact with the Brood Horror suffer 2D6 Strength 2 hits, distributed as shooting. And ALL and EVERY of attacks are poisonous. Sounds a bit TOO MUCH for 175 pt monster (+Thunderstomps!) and it can be used not only by itself, but as a mount too. It is better in almost every way than...

Hell Pit Abomination - Oh I gonna miss 7ed HPA... but we should let it go, because it was really dirt cheap and broken as hell.. Now we have 1 less wound (down to 5), and we have a really nerfed 5-6 type of attack. Remember doing 2D6 autohits? Now it's gone. We have a new 2D6 thunderstomps rule, when roll 5 or 6. The rest is the same, but HPA costs now solid 250 points.
It is still VERY dangerous, especially supported by ANY tropps it can break a ton of points. But you should use it much smarter for now.

Stormfiends - Now in armybook! Good. Versatile. Painful. Two packs of three generate tons of fire/attacks. Have access to 4+ armour and still have skirmishers-that-are-not-skirmishers rule. 47 points (naked) with M6 WS4 BS3 S5 T4 W4(can't get use to it!) I3 A4 ld7

Warplightning Cannon - It is very strange now. We roll artillery dice, the number you rolled is strength, then x4 it's number and this is a straight line shot distance and everything on it is hit. So it is only 40" range weapon now, and it is even more unpredictable. Dunno... feel strange about it. 100pts now!

Plagueclaw Catapult - 48" Stonethrower with BigBlast S2 no armour. If any models die unit roll panic. Use 3 of them vs High Elves and watch your opponent's 30 Silver helms deaths on turn 1. 100pts too.

DOOMWHEEL!!! - A bit nerfed! Remember dealing potential 18 wounds S10 with 3 Lightnings? So now it releases D3 Zzaps insted of 3, and every wound multiply to D3, instead of D6. Oh and it is -1 S now (5). It grinds D3, do 2D6 S3 attacks with rats and costs 25pts (175pts) more. Still good on charge and gain attention of enemy heavy shooting leaving your troops safe.

That's all about units, I'll leave a commentary on magic and heroes a bit later.
Sorry for typos/language
Could my Skaven be angry at me for playing Vermintide?
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Thanks for taking the time to post this info, I'm going to follow this project :)
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