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Clan Narcos; Background and (sooner or later)Pictures of my Army
Topic Started: 15th November 2017 - 01:58 PM (209 Views)
Scarsqueek of Clan Narcos

Hi everyone,
this One just got freshly into the ranks of the Underempire (by killing off my predecessors or, in other words, buy
some island of Blood boxes second-hand). This One is actually a reincarnation of an older Monkey-skaven who decided
to get back into the pack after 10ish years (started when i was about 14) of hiatus, now that the Clanrats actually deserve the
latter part of their name. This One decided to give his army a little background theme and show his progress as he recruits his
army and rises to his deserved place at the top of skavendom, yes-yes! It is likely that jealous rivals will seek to undermine this
inevitable future, so this One aims to jump start with a 1250 Point Army, knowing that his Enemies will foolishly reveal themselves
as he does so. (I still got a long way ahead of my, since I only restarted in the hobby, but I will try to keep this updated with pics and ideas).

About the glorious Clan Narcos this One rightfully leads:
Clan Narcos was founded through a Conglomerat(e) of small Clan-Skryre and Clan-Moulder Thrall-Clans that were banded together (through assassination, of course)
around the genius Grey Seer Scarsqueek, who had found a way to synthetcally produce warpstone. Although the quality of this warpstone is admittably inferior as of yet,
the wealth and power that could come from more successful attempts are beyond the imagination of even the mind of a skaven. By making contracts and promises to
both Clan Skryre and Clan Moulder and playing them against another, Narcos managed to avoid simply being swallowed up by one of the greater Clans so far.
They also house a unique Cult: The Warpmoonpriests devote themselves entirely to warpstone, by consuming nothing else. By Cutting the prizes of warpstone for recreational purposes substantially,
Clan Narcos has secured a great increase of followers for the Cult in recent years.

The who-is-who of Clan Narcos:

Grey Seer Scarsqueek, chief advisor of Clan Narcos
Lord Moriat, Ratkingpin and Leader of Clan Narcos

Heisenrat, Warlock Engineer
Gustavrot, Warpmoon Priest

Ratnips Runners, Clanrat litter
Sniffits Pushers, Clanrat litter
Whitepaws Marauders, Stormvermin Litter

Slagars Slaves

Riffrats Moonshiners, Warpmoonmonk litter
Snitchstitchs Rogue Rats, Gutter Runner killer Team
Triggerpaws Spezrats, Jezzail Team

(This is not my Army list, merely units I already got a cool name for)

Feel free to comment and give advice and tips, this One has no intention to keep this
Thread orderly :)
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Squeek Rotfang
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Hi, it's a great idea for your first army. I have two questions: Is this for Fantasy or Age of Sigmar, and do you have any idea what your army list will look like?
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Scarsqueek of Clan Narcos

This is for 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy friendly games, propably with some houserulings.
I am not super sure yet about the Army list...
Their first battle will certainly be against Empire (most likely someone invetigating on the new drug that infested
the ruling class of several midsized cities...)
I dont want to play an Abomination for a friendly game with 1250 points, but maybe a Doomwheel is ok?
Or I could play it with the giant rules? (Or would that be too much of a nerf??)
I want to set my gutter runners per deep strike to deal with his cannons,
and maybe a group of Jezzails because I know he thinks they are way more powerful then they are, so Id use them as
Knightbait maybe.
Heres what I have/own modelwise:
1 Warlord on Ratogre (This will be a Conversion I am really looking forward: Stormfiend body for the ogre, Skavenblight Scramblers Blitzer for the Warlord body,
together with Dark Eldar Talos Energy fist :) )
1 Warlord on Foot
1 Plague Furnace (Big Conversion Project from what was originally a Giant...will need a lot of remodelling and green stuff.
The story is basically that my Priest Gustavrot eats so much Warpstone during a ritual that he rises to this size,
if the enemy destroys the furnace he shrinks back to normal size (his "normal" mini is Skrolk, all that loose skin on his face fits to the story)).
1 Plague priest
1 Screaming Bell
2 Warlocktechnicians
40 Stormvermin
65 skavenslaves (night gobbos and Gnoblars)
100ish Clanrats
2 Ratling Guns
1 Warpflamer
2 Mortars
10 Globadiers (Plague Monks with Gasmask heads and Mortar Crew minis remodeled)
5 Jezzails (Basic Conversions with Kroot Rifle Arms)
10 Plague Censer Bearers (Conversion from Flaggelants, looking forward to this one as well!)
10 Gutter Runners (The Rest of the Skavenblight Scramblers, love the models!!)
10 Ratogres
30 Plague Monks
1 Abomination (one finished Conversion made out of an old Wood elf Dragon i think, looks pretty awesome already!)
1 Doomwheel
3 Stormfiends
1 Warplightning Cannon

So a lot too choose from, and all of them are in various stages of unfinished :P
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Warlock Matik
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(Z>)90 (ENW)90t = 1

Scarsqueek of Clan Narcos
16th November 2017 - 12:15 AM
I dont want to play an Abomination for a friendly game with 1250 points, but maybe a Doomwheel is ok?
Doomwheel should be fine, it's very good against monsters in 8th and otherwise pretty fair against normal units. Might be a bit of a cannon magnet against empire, however if you can get it close it can probably take them (or the crew) out ;)
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Scarsqueek of Clan Narcos

Thanks, i will go for that then!
Here are my first images, my scrap conversion Jezzail Teams :)
Triggerpaw himself:
Spoiler: click to toggle

And his Spezrats:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Also some Ratogre Conversions for good measure:
Spoiler: click to toggle

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