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8th Edition Skaven - 2500 pts
Topic Started: 20th July 2017 - 03:50 PM (433 Views)
Sammy the Squid
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Back to retirement!

I barely play Warhammer anymore, and it had probably been a few years since I have played Skaven. But I got a game with them last weekend, and I had a blast. I have missed the Skaven... It was not a competitive game, so I mostly took what models I liked :) I took:

Thrott the Unclean

Grey Seer w. Dispel Scroll, 4+ Ward

BSB w. shield

10 Rat Ogres inc. Master Bred. Skweel Gnawtooth and 4 Packmasters

60 Giant Rats, 7 Packmasters

2 units of 50 Slaves w. champions and musicians

34 Stormvermin, command

2 Doomwheels

Warp Lightning Cannon

Hellpit Abomination

This is a fairly typical list for me. I love Rat Ogres and Doomwheels, so I always try to take them. I take Thrott so my expensive Rat Ogres count as core, and I love my conversion for him so I use him whenever possible. I want to paint some Stormvermin in the near future so I took a unit as my bunker. Played against Chaos Warriors and somehow managed to win thanks to the Rat Ogres tearing up Skullcrushers and Warriors. Usually my Rat Ogres are a massive waste of points, so I was glad to see them kill something :lol:
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Olorin the Ancient
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I like it. Ten Rat Ogres, including a Master-Bred, is definitely an eccentric choice, but a fun one, particularly if your models are painted. And having Throt does make it more logical (plus, he's great with all those Giant Rats). Against most armies, taking Stormvermin instead of Clanrats is probably less competitive, but their toughness helps against Chaos Warriors. Plus, Stormvermin are really beautiful models, and I totally get your desire to paint them. I tend to save fun-but-uncompetitive models as though they were dessert (very un-Throt-like , I know), so I haven't gotten to painting mine yet, but they are stunning.
- Olorin the Ancient
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King Rat
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Grey Seer
The list looks very interesting a departure from the more traditional lists and a nice theme.

I also haven't played since the death of 8th Ed but keen to have a few 8th Ed games.
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