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Skaven WhatsApp Group; Social Media
Topic Started: 1st May 2017 - 06:53 AM (191 Views)
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Hi folks!

I have created a WhatsApp group for discussion on all things Skaven. Hobby, tournaments, lists and so on. It's for Age of Sigmar discussion and will likely be focussed on the UK tournament scene and Matched Play.
However, anyone is welcome to join if they want to discuss anything :)

Let me know below and I'll PM you the links as I don't want to do it publicly!


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But yeah PM and if it's open to android I'll join in, even if I'm not 100% playing a lot atm. I still enjoy discussion.
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I'm going to start playing within the next week or two, so might be useful for me if you don't mind adding me.
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How's this group doing? Are there still active people? If so can I get an invite?
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