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FatherSquee Today, 5:28 AM Reply to The UnderEmpire in UnderEmpire Announcements:
16th July 2018 - 12:28 PM
Facebook Messenger @Skritchit
How many Skritchit's are there? :D

The Underempire was probably the first real online community that I was lucky enough to he a part of. I'm proud to have been here to help form the legend of the Doom Hemisphere, bit more than that I'm amazed at what all we were able to accomplish beyond that time. We are the top forum for everything Skaven on the internet! We've built a community around our little unique fantasy world and joined together with other such communities to create a grand network the like of which will surely be missed.

I would love to see this site stay alive, but with this merger we may need more than just the odd post now and then to keep going, but then again maybe it'll all be fine and it'll stick around in some form for others to discover again.

I wish I had the time to come here more, but that hasn't been the case for years as I barely have time for even Moulder Pitfighters :P But to everyone who's been to this site I just want to say thanks for making it the grand thing that it is.
Ratty Gnawtail Yesterday, 4:37 PM Reply to Is anyone still here? in Off Topic:
Cor, that was a filthy plug, Mork. :P

At least put up a thread in announcements or something. :P

All the same, looks to be a fun season. :)
nazarath Yesterday, 3:18 PM Reply to The UnderEmpire in UnderEmpire Announcements:
Good thing it's vacation time here ... just enough time to save some posts :)

Maybe the EU will still be there and I'll still be lurking in the shadow's, we'll see. If not: Thanks for the good times!
Morkskittar Yesterday, 2:12 PM Reply to Is anyone still here? in Off Topic:
I lurk occasionally and feel sad and nostalgic still. :P

Also, for those of you who might want more active involvement in Skaven-like things, Moulder Pitfighters continues to exist: a roleplaying arena-of-death campaign set in a strange alternative universe Hell Pit! A few UE members lurk there (myself included, of course), as well as other fun folks! :) The fifth "Season" of the game is launching next month!


/ad :P

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