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What are you and your gaming group choosing to do in the wake of Age of Sigmar?
Transition to playing Age of Sigmar 11 (25%)
Continue to play 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy 14 (31.8%)
Revert to an older edition of Warhammer Fantasy 2 (4.5%)
Transition to Kings of War 4 (9.1%)
Transition to another mass-combat fantasy game 4 (9.1%)
Quit fantasy mass-battle wargaming - No more fantasy mass battles 5 (11.4%)
I never played this game anyway 2 (4.5%)
This Poll is Stupid 2 (4.5%)
Total Votes: 44
Only members can vote in this poll.
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Greetings-greetings traveller,

Posted ImageWelcome to the UnderEmpire!

If you are wandering in for the first time, take-take a good look around using the Skryre features on the left menu. You can sign up with the link above in your panel and enjoy some of the member-only features of the UnderEmpire, because it's well worth joining the growing legions of The Horned Rat.

If you are a returning member you'll already know to watch your back... err... we mean: the great features the UnderEmpire has to offer.

No Grey Seers were harmed during the making of our front gate. Rest assured though... countless slaves died for the greater glory of the UnderEmpire in this process!

Thanks for making the UnderEmpire a great place.
- The Council of Thirteen.
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Squeaks from the streets


Join the After the Ascension story challenge!
What if the Skaven had overrun the Warhammer World in one great vermintide? How would such a world change when the rat becomes the master? Forget the heroes of old, the cities of gleaming light. Forget the laughter of thirsting Gods and deeds of valour and villainy. For such things have long turned to dust. For this is After the Ascension. In this story challenge mould your own Post-Inheritance world, a glimpse into an unknown future. Click the glowing green link above to find out more.

Join the First Civil War story challenge!
And now for something different. Many Skaven lifetimes ago Clan Pestilens returned to the Underempire from Lustria. But the Council of Thirteen refused their claim of rulership. So began the first Civil War, a war that would last over four hundred years. In this story challenge create your own Skaven world in the grip of the war against Pestilens, a glance into a war that tore Skavenkind apart until the return of Eshin. Click on the ominously glowing green link above to find out more.

Recent Site Restructure - What's Changed?
Those of you who've been around a while will undoubtedly noticed that the site has undergone some recent layout changes. Click the green link above to find out what the differences are! New members will also find a brief overview as to what topics each section contains so it's a useful primer too!

Painting Competition Feature

The Pox Cometh By Guildenstern

To view the rest of the Painting Competition entries click here.


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