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What are you and your gaming group choosing to do in the wake of Age of Sigmar?
Transition to playing Age of Sigmar 8 (28.6%)
Continue to play 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy 10 (35.7%)
Revert to an older edition of Warhammer Fantasy 2 (7.1%)
Transition to Kings of War 2 (7.1%)
Transition to another mass-combat fantasy game 2 (7.1%)
Quit fantasy mass-battle wargaming - No more fantasy mass battles 1 (3.6%)
I never played this game anyway 2 (7.1%)
This Poll is Stupid 1 (3.6%)
Total Votes: 28
Only members can vote in this poll.
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Greetings-greetings traveller,

Posted ImageWelcome to the UnderEmpire!

If you are wandering in for the first time, take-take a good look around using the Skryre features on the left menu. You can sign up with the link above in your panel and enjoy some of the member-only features of the UnderEmpire, because it's well worth joining the growing legions of The Horned Rat.

If you are a returning member you'll already know to watch your back... err... we mean: the great features the UnderEmpire has to offer.

No Grey Seers were harmed during the making of our front gate. Rest assured though... countless slaves died for the greater glory of the UnderEmpire in this process!

Thanks for making the UnderEmpire a great place.
- The Council of Thirteen.
Just stumbled across us? Then click here to join the ranks of the Skaven... if you dare!

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Squeaks from the streets


Join the After the Ascension story challenge!
What if the Skaven had overrun the Warhammer World in one great vermintide? How would such a world change when the rat becomes the master? Forget the heroes of old, the cities of gleaming light. Forget the laughter of thirsting Gods and deeds of valour and villainy. For such things have long turned to dust. For this is After the Ascension. In this story challenge mould your own Post-Inheritance world, a glimpse into an unknown future. Click the glowing green link above to find out more.

August-October Painting Competition
Gentle sirs, harken to this call, for the latest painting competition be upon thee! Thy theme be titled “A Plague o’ Both Your Houses!” Thy quest is to paint a unit from Clan Pestilens, be they monks, catapults, priests, flailed lunatics, or a mix. Click yonder green link above to find out more!

Age of Sigmar is here!
With the death of the Warhammer World, a new one takes its place. Join the glittering ranks of Sigmar himself and take the fight to Chaos or join the hordes of Chaos and destruction and tear down the foolish surface dwellers. Click the green link to view the new Age of Sigmar forum section.

August-September Story Writing Competition
And now for something different. The third story writing competition of 2015 has begun! This month’s themes as voted by the members are: Power Struggle and/or Stranded With No Hope The Skaven are always a race where the strongest (or smartest) survive, it is no surprise that all vie for greater power. Cave-ins, lone survivors, or lost at sea, these are true terrors to the Ratmen, especially without their strength in numbers... Click on the ominously glowing green link above to find out more.

Painting Competition Feature

The Pied Piper of Nuln – By NiallJC1984

To view the rest of the Painting Competition click here.


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