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Greetings-greetings traveller,

Posted ImageWelcome to the UnderEmpire!

If you are wandering in for the first time, take-take a good look around using the Skryre features on the left menu. You can sign up with the link above in your panel and enjoy some of the member-only features of the UnderEmpire, because it's well worth joining the growing legions of The Horned Rat.

If you are a returning member you'll already know to watch your back... err... we mean: the great features the UnderEmpire has to offer.

No Grey Seers were harmed during the making of our front gate. Rest assured though... countless slaves died for the greater glory of the UnderEmpire in this process!

Thanks for making the UnderEmpire a great place.
- The Council of Thirteen.
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Squeaks from the streets


May-June Story competition voting now open!
It’s voting time for the UnderEmpire Story Competition! Come down to the fluff section and decide which of the five mysterious tales based around the theme of “Spying or Magical Secrets!” you like the best. Voting ends on the 1st of July, so come quick! Click the glowing green link above to find out more.

News just in!
Extra! Extra! The Skavenblight Gazette lives! This webzine of untold wonder and vile Skaven trickery has been one of the crowning achievements of the Underempire. The chief editor will be making a big announcement upon the future of this mag. Link to come soon!

March-April Painting Competition
And now for something different. The second painting competition of 2014 is in full swing! This month’s theme is: Board to Death! What better way to ascend to the surface world than to claim an area of surface ground for your glorious horde?...create a customized display board for your Skaven army. Click on the ominously glowing green link above to find out more.

Competition Winner

Congratulations to Warlord Kaskit for winning last month's story competition!

White Furred Heresy
'He couldn’t help but laugh. From a human throat the sound might have been filled with humour, the kind of laugh that was infectious enough to cause others nearby to join in. He was, after all, rather amused. But from his throat – the throat of what humans called a ratman – the sound was altogether terrifying. It sent shivers down the spines of those still living and close enough to hear it.

Read more...'

To view the full competition click here.


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