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Nurglitch IX
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24th May 2016 - 09:33 AM
Nurglitch IX
24th May 2016 - 07:21 AM
And we have to balance this against what we get for our people. Honestly I see only 1 thing we need, and they're both super qualified people for this: we need someone who's got more free time than me to run our competitions. I try, I really do, but between family, scouts, keeping all the other parts of the board going, the 7 facebook groups I admin for, and a full time job as a programmer, I get stretched a bit thin some weeks. And there's not much of that I can pass off to others.
Well I've currently got exams, but also a hell of a lot more free time as a result, and will do for a couple of months. I'd be happy to run competitions (with some guidance from the council :P ) if that's what needs to be done
I think we'll have competitions covered shortly.

But depending on how my next project goes, I am hoping to need volunteers for some labor intensive stuff before the end of summer. I'll keep you on the short list ;) Dev
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