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Nurglitch IX
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24th May 2016 - 05:24 AM
Nurglitch IX
23rd May 2016 - 03:41 PM
I've got over 80 messages spanning four weeks debating this, and it's still only here because someone went rogue.

New Councilors isn't going to speed things up, they're going to slow things down. They're not going to revitalize the board, they're going to further deadlock the council.
Sounds like you have stuff you wana share Nurglitch. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. So what do you mean by someone went rogue?
And, is the council deadlocked? What do you mean by this and how will new councilors make it worse?
The council doesn't Deadlock, ever. But remember there's 12 of us, spread pretty evenly around the globe. Each with our own schedules and availabilities. Right now we're running on a reduced staff, and we know it, so we want to hear yes or no from 5 people before we do anything. If it's something important, like this election, we want to hear from everyone before we act, even if we know we've got 5.

The problem comes in when something isn't yes|no. Like this election. Do we need to replace people? Do we need moderators? Do the moderators need to be full council members? Do we need to revive the Council Guard? What about special areas? Would having an AOS/9thAge/KoW 'ambassador' be better than a general mod? And how do we get a new person? Do we hold a full election? Do we hold an up/down poll? Do we just say these are them? How many people voted last election? How many do we need to hold an election? Do we hold separate elections or a combined one? And always the question: will we be a block, and if so, will that 10 people sway the election?
And remember, we're 8-10 people in this discussion, and it may be 16 hours between replies because timezone.

So, adding 2 new councilors, that means every important decision requires another round or two of discussion. Even unimportant ones need another vote to pass a majority.

And we have to balance this against what we get for our people. Honestly I see only 1 thing we need, and they're both super qualified people for this: we need someone who's got more free time than me to run our competitions. I try, I really do, but between family, scouts, keeping all the other parts of the board going, the 7 facebook groups I admin for, and a full time job as a programmer, I get stretched a bit thin some weeks. And there's not much of that I can pass off to others.

I've said all this in Council Chambers, and a bit more besides, and I don't think any of this violates confidentiality, and of course, this is all me and my position. Obviously each of the others has their own, same or different, and they're free to share some of that as well.

As for the other, I'd have liked a day or two to finish our votes, and reset the Announcement Forum to handle a proper poll. We had the 5 to hold the up|down vote, though obviously we had no votes as well, but not everyone was finished weighing in, and even if they were minority voices, they deserve the chance to swing the vote their way with a solid argument. There was also another day or two as we wrote the vote post, as again, not all the members had signed off yet.

I know we wanted to get this up and moving, because if it's to be done it best be done quickly, and the Horned Lord knows I've got 3 other projects I need to get moving that don't need to be taking debate time away from something as important as new seats. But a day or two would have been nice.
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