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Ratty Gnawtail
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Rusty Tincanne
22nd May 2016 - 01:00 PM
Not to beat a dead horse, but couldn't that point have been made public along with a full election? I don't believe the membership would have ignored the point.
Aye, I personally think it could have. My previous post was an attempt to explain why this whole election has come about, which I feel could have been made clearer in the initial post. At the same time I can see the reasonings for this decision and whilst I disagree with the format (public votes to me have that crowd mentality to them) I am at least glad that there is still some kind of member participation in this.

Regardless of member numbers, I think i'd like UE elections to run in the traditional way. It is a flawed system, but I enjoyed the build up and excitement for it when I was a member. Choosing amongst your fellows always gave that feeling of ownership to the forum, something I would not like to see disappear.

And don't worry Rusty, you make perfectly valid points and are certainly not speaking out of turn. I'm the one more liable to get into trouble as whilst I am obliged to go for the "all for one and one for all" stance with the Council, i'd rather be open in responding with my feelings even if i'm a bit of a fence sitter in this matter. :P
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