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Doesn't skipping elections set a bad precedent? And shouldn't we be voting for actual candidates, not people hand-picked by the council?
Not having an election because it's too long and hard just sounds lazy. And how do you know the outcome will be the same? That seems highly unlikely as well.

You bring up a fair point

it came down to the third part of the elections. The Council has always had final say in who gets on the ballet. With the low member numbers and the results of the last election, it is easily within reason that after narrowing down the candidates to 3-4 choices, the council has enough voting power on its own to swing the vote to whomever we wanted.

Now that in itself rather defeats the point of the process and would have been deceiving and a sham. We debated ignoring the election entirely but do to convincing arguments and capable heads we compromised on this yes/no vote. This leaves the final decision in the members hands.
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