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I honestly liked the new Vermin Swarm book. Some of the broken stuff is gone: I admit I always felt bad removing one enemy unit per game with the 30pt Doomrocket. Or having 2pt slaves that I could shoot into and have EVERY shot hit the enemies like the slaves were made of smoke.

On the upside, some very cool units that were previously noncompetitive (at least in my eyes/local meta) are now usable: Jezzails, Gun Teams, and even Rat Ogres have received much-needed buffs and/or reductions. The Verminous Valour staff is cool, as it lets your BSB survive past the first round of combat. Also, I find the Bell and Ruin Magic are a lot more versatile, as opposed to the situational-but-ungodly powerful stuff before.

Plus, the nerfing they gave Dark Elves was as hard as deserved. :bow:
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