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The (mostly) Complete Works of Ratty Gnawtail

Ratty's Rats (the tale of Clan Nihizk) *WiP*
In Jekro Tkull's Workshop
In Seer Gnawtail's Burrow
Crisis? What Crisis?
A (not so) Modest Proposal
A Scent of Victory?
Herkter's Folly
The Prisoner
Plans of the Past
A Riotous Assembly
From Albion He Came
In the Lair of Parson Nithineak
The Battle for the Workshop

Animosity 6: The saga of Whizz-Bang. (It is strongly recommended to read this and this.)

Why is a Skaven like a Man-thing Desk?
Part 1 and Part 2: From the Wastes and Rewards
Part 3: A Question of Nonsense
Part 4: A Touch of Madness?
Part 5: A Memory?
Part 6: The Folly of Weirdrak
Part 7: Reflections in the Dark
Part 8: A Touch of Insanity?
Part 9: Frekrell
Part 10: Some Enchanted evening you may meet a stranger...
Part 11: Never More
Part 12: Something Stirs
Part 13 (part one) : Nobody Expects the Skavenblight Inquisition!
Part 13 (part two) : The Final Fight and Epilogue
Bonus: The lost/unfinished tales of Whizz-Bang

The Shadow Games: The adventures of Natgrub Da Magnificent. (It is strongly recommended to read The saga of Whizz-Bang first.)

Only Fools and Goblins
Part 1: The Prospect of Profit
Part 2: Aquiring Goods
Part 3: Attack of the Stunties
Part 4: Failure
Part 5: The Quest of Drekki Ironhelm
Part 6: A Riotous Assembly
Part 7: Oh no! Not him again!
Part 8: Whuzz-Bing
Part 9 and Part 10: During th.. and Epilogue

The Invasion of Marienburg II: The path of Jio hn. (It is recommended that the original Invasion of Marienburg is read first.)

More Machine Than Rat
Part 1: We can rebuild him! We have the technology!
Part 2: The sorrow of Guq, Mqin, and Wili
Part 3: The forgotten burrow
Part 4: Messages on the walls
Part 5 and Ending (part 1) : Bloodied visions and the End of the path
Ending (part 2) : Ironfur's notes
Ending (part 3) : We can rebuild him...

Sentinels of the Shadows: The Revenge of Fyr-Claw

Pop Goes the Weasel!
Intro: Servant of Skryre
Part 1 and Part 2: The march begins and Akrizrek's Tale
Part 3: Lost on the Surface
Part 4: The Doom of Saltsqueak
Part 5 and Part 6: Malthkus and Akrizrek's Fear
Part 7: The Oilzik
Parts 8-11: The trial of Akrizrek
Part 12: The Fyr glows brighter

Three Rats in a Boat: Ratty's take on a great book.

Three Rats in a Boat *Unfinished*

Animosity 6.5: The Death Saga of Zrkktz the Slimy or The Colour of Disease.
Introduction: The awakening.
Part 1 (turn 3): The desert.
Part 2 (turn 4): The flesh is weak.
Part 3 (turn 5): Bitetail.
Part 4 (turn 6): The Grim Squeaker.
Part 5 (turn 7): Bitetail's reward.
Part 6 (turn 8): A ghost in the dust.
Part 7 (turn 9): Nithineak.
Part 8 (Epilogue part 1): The colour returns.
Part 9 (Epilogue part 2): Glory or doom.
Part 10 (Epilogue part 3): Rttigwtil.

The Death of Whizz-Bang. (It is strongly recommended to read at least The saga of Whizz-Bang first.) *Unfinished*
Part 1: The Circle of Twelve
Part 2: Shadows and Death

Animosity 6.6: A Crisis of Faith.
Introduction: A room separated from reality.
Part 1: Only a dream...
Part 2: The escape plan.
Part 3: The humble rodent and the great savage wolf.
Part 4: A whisper in the wind.
Part 4.5 Bonus: Nibtrik.
Part 5: Unknown voices.
Part 6: A memory?
Part 7: Preparation.
Part 8: The visitor.
Part 8.5 Bonus: The passing of the Twelfth Crescent.
Part 9: The small white rat.
Part 10 (turn 11): Fool.
Part 11 (turn 12): The life of a candle.
Part 12 (Finale part 1): Freedom calls and old ghosts return.
Part 13 (Finale part 2): New plans, old plans, and the eternity of the stars.

After the Ascension: Dark Tales of the Future
Alone Amongst the Ruins
Lost Treasures

The Rat and the Bull *WiP*
Part One: Of back plates and flasks
Part Two: Mizzreek

The First Civil War: The Rise of Vriznk *WiP*
Part One: Before the gate of Retz Threepaw
Part Two: The War Council of Five
Part Three: Whispers of the Dead
Part Four: A Tide of Green

Among the Dust (Joint AoS fluff, featuring Bounty Huntress Felrix Brightfur) *Ongoing*
Part One - By Ratty Gnawtail/Y'ttar Scaletail
Part Two - By Bowser
Part Three - By Spawning of Bob
Part Four - By Ratty Gnawtail/Y'ttar Scaletail
Part Five - By Spawning of Bob

The Tekris and Gribble Show (Moulder Pitfighters Season 4) *Ongoing*
Part One: Dear Mizzreek
Part Two: Sweet Dreams
Part Three: Brrx
Part Four: Another Night in the Pub
Part 4.5: Brrx's Workshop
Part Five: Amongst the Narkil Flowers
Part 5.5: Gribble's Day Out
Intermission: History
Part Six: Time Runs
Intermission part two: R'ttig
Part 6.5: Herkter
Part Seven: After the Fight
Part 7.5: Skretz's Threads
Part 7.5.5: Greenie
Part Eight: 113th
Part 8.5: Past Lives
Part Nine: Pekrone
Part 9.5: Ironfur's Order
Part Ten: The Book
Part Eleven: Felrix
Part 11.5: Mizzreek and Herkter
Part Twelve: Of Opium, Dreams, and Time
Part 12.5: Where's Ironfur?
Part 12.5.5: Barred
Part Thirteen: When...
Part Fourteen: Of Cloaks and Sleepers
Part 14.5: B.R.XX
Intermission: Tkull's Message (1)
Part Fifteen: A Talk with Tkull
Part 15.5: Bark and Wine
Part Sixteen: The Mask
Part 16.5: The Mason
Part Seventeen: The Fyr Burns Again
Part 17.5: The R'ttig and Gribble Show
Part 17.5.5: Saltbeak
Part Eighteen: Felrix Hates Riddles
Part Nineteen: Mrs Farley
Part 19.5: In Another Reality
Part 19.5.5: Felrix's Promise
Part Twenty: Revelations
Part Twenty One: Daemons
Part 21.5: For Those That Are Forgotten
Part 22: The Sleeper Moves
Part 22.5: Splintertail's Sense and Sensibility
Part Twenty Three: How do you solve a problem like Brighfur?
Part 23.5: The Break
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The (mostly) Complete Works of Ratty
Ratty's Short Story Entries Collection

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