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Shennanigans are out of the question!
Space Wolves and Eldar, ala 2nd Edition.

Great armies.

I also played the heck out of Necromunda until the buddy whos house had all of our stuff, moved. He took it with him 8(

oh well.

"Nurgle has got to be my favorite chaos god, fluff wise...
He's portrayed as this sort of jovial, jolly old guy who thinks that rotting apocolyptic plague is funny as hell... So basically he's a big ole fat bastard who thinks giving you a scorching case of the herp is a big laugh." ---Kadrium

7th Edition Fellblade Kills: 1 Steam Tank, 1 Warrior Priest, 4 Greatswords, 3 Treekin, 1 Chaos Sorcerer, 5 Chaos Warriors,
13th Spell Kills: 8 Chaos Chosen.
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