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The Tunnel's Resident Rodent Ecologist

The Pitfighter

Read the tale of Master Moulder Rakkin, struggling to find his identity in a world out to kill him.

Chapter I: Time of Troubles

Part I: Rakkin

Part II: Splinter: Rat Fresh From Hell

Part III: The Underlord's Rats

Part IV: Rejected

Part V: Flight

Chapter II: Grand Tournament

Part I: Skavenblight: Day One

Part II: Capture

Part III: Interrogation

Chapter III: The Zombie Swamps

Part I: Borag Ulgard

Part II: Escape From the Palace

Part III: The Challenge

Part IV: The Duel

Part V: Revelation
The Eldritch Wastes: A Post-Lovecraftian Online Serial Novel (Author Website)
Pub Fight Deaths: 334. Pillz and Pyllz are by Morkskittar.
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Complete Works of Morkskittar / You Have Just Lost the Game 'zodi
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