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Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
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the Saga of Blackpaw
~Book 1 of the Tails from the Brass Squeek Triad.~

Written by Skaven Lord Vinshqueek

Assassins are a part of the daily life from a skaven... Although most don't grow big and prefer to remain in the shadows, some of those skaven - trained to kill for money or their allegiance - become notorious and infamous names, used by breeders to scare her litter with in bedtime stories. One of these names is that of Blackpaw, former bloodhunter and Eshin-general of the Vinshqueek clan.

These short stories are partly based on events from the Civil War campaign, and partly based on some existing stories that I was eager to 'convert' towards the theme of skaven. For the inspiration and help in these stories, I'd like to thank Rattsu (always inspirational), Thrask Vilepaw and Dan Abnett (since part six is based upon one of his 'Mad' Larkin stories).

Part 1: The work on the Nordbergbruche
Part 2: Business coming up!
Part 3: To War!!!
Part 4: Meeting the maestro
Part 5: Fighting annoying little blighters
Part 6: Walking the path of the Skryre
Part 7: A new task at hand
Word count: 4,394

In the Horned One we trust, all others we monitor.

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