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The 'Phink Experiments

This is a little series that I decided to write. It basically goes through all the different creations, the insane Warlord Ratphink Greentoe created, and his gradual turn to the worship of a fell god of the north, as well as his wars with the Claws for supremacy over the Ulricsburg. The story is also develloped inside A Blaze of Glory series, so you'll have to forgive me if I don't post the relavent links, but they're in the last 10 or so of Matt's series.

Chapter 1-The 'Phink Experiments
Chapter 2-Dancing with Riddles
Chapter 3-They Weep for Nothing
Chapter 4-Feeding the Kids
Chapter 5-Painting the Way
Chapter 6-Choir of Pain
Chapter 7-A Blade Without a Handle
Bod... err... I mean UB!
Phink, Phank, Phonk, etc.- Ratphinks various split personalities

Award for the Worst joke ever goes to... THRASKITAR for the following:
Now, now, everybody, let's not lose our heads over this... wink.gif *wink-wink*
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