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A Blaze of Glory: Of Flames and Gold.

A Blaze of Glory is the tale of the rats in the Union of Flames faction. We focus primarily on Niqueeka the Blood Vixen, Silver the nafarious Grey Seer and the Dread Arch-Flamelord Warlord Klaww; as life in the Union takes unusual twists and turns for each.
However A Blaze of Glory also focussed on other characters such as the obese Grey Seer Stopfen who has gone from riches to rags, the Darkslayer a shadowy assassin who holds the keys to the mysteries of the Civil War and the utterly insane Warlord Ratphink and his obsessions with the Ulricsberg.
Truly A Blaze of Glory tells real events such as the dethroning of Warlord Scratch and the birth of the new faction the Rebellion of Flames.
There will be three books of A Blaze of Glory and Of Flames and Gold is only the first.


A Blaze of Glory: Of Flames and Gold
Written by: Giantrat, Blood Vixen, Ratphink, Thrask Vilepaw, Snkeep, Sneaky Rodent, Warlord Wynnar, Scrivener, Foe-Slayer
Plot Help by: Decker_cky, Festering Chantor
Themes by: Giantrat.

Part 1 - The Dying Blaze
Part 2 - To Smother A Flame
Part 3 - To Nurture the Embers
Part 4 - To Fuel the Flames
Part 5 - Of Smoke and Fire
Part 6 - The Flame of Resolve
Part 7 - A Flare in the Smoke
Part 8 - Into the Fire
Part 9 - The Flames of Youth
Part 10 - Dancing in the Smoke
Part 11 - To Ignite the War
Part 12 - Engulfed by Flames
Part 13 - A Trial by Fire
Part 14 - A Flicker in the Dark
Part 15 - A Burning Desire for Revenge
Part 16 - A Whiff of Smoke
Part 17 - A Figure in the Flames
Part 18 - Inferno
Part 19 - Can't Stand the Heat
Part 20 - Never Play with Fire
Part 21 - Phoenix from the Flames
Part 22 - The Power of Fire
Part 23 - Flames Hold Memories
Part 24 - Sparks will Fly
Part 25 - Secrets up in Smoke
Part 26 - Freedom in the Flames
Part 27 - Wreathed in Flames
Part 28 - A Pyre of War
Part 29 - The Heat of Hatred
Part 30 - A Cycle of Flames
Part 31 - Ashes to Ashes
The Finale - Out in a Blaze of Glory

Wise Words of the Rebellion:
"When you run the gauntlet of the Rebellion of Flames, you must expect the unexpected" Warlord Morrik Ashenfur.
"Why is it, that as a culture we are more inclined to death than songs?" Warlord Brackenfurr.
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