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The Main Tunnels

Regular Forum UnderEmpire Announcements
Announcements from the Council of Thirteen are posted here along with the important "Site Suggestions" and "Rules and Etiquette" topics.
Moderated By: Council of 13
Scrivener Steps Down 22nd January 2015 - 11:56 AM, By Malkrit
0 viewers Topics: 159 Replies: 1,836
Regular Forum The Squeekpaw Guide to the UnderEmpire
F.A.Q., general information, introductions and birthday threads. The best place to go if you're new around here.
Moderated By: Warlock Matik, Ratty Gnawtail
The Rats Behind the Scene 21st January 2015 - 07:29 PM, By dragonfly88
1 viewer Topics: 1,429 Replies: 13,831
Regular Forum Skaven Discussion
For all discussions about Skaven in general.
Moderated By: Silas, Nurglitch IX
Skaven Cheat Sheet V1.0 Today, 6:29 AM, By Vard Poisonfang
0 viewers Topics: 4,962 Replies: 62,938
Subforums: Clan Eshin, Clan Moulder, Clan Pestilens, Clan Skryre
Regular Forum Warhammer Fantasy Discussion
Boo. Hiss. There should be no other armies than Skaven!
Discuss all the other Warhammer Fantasy armies here.
Moderated By: Skrits, Nurglitch IX
Bucket Heads Again Yesterday, 3:38 PM, By SkavenDan
1 viewer Topics: 620 Replies: 10,092
Regular Forum General Wargaming Discussion
For all topics that deal with Wargaming in general, but not Skaven or Warhammer Fantasy specifically. However, discussions for other game systems such as the Games Workshop Specialist Games, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, etc. can take place in this subforum.
Moderated By: Skaven Lord Vinshqueek, Nurglitch IX
Mars Attacks 23rd January 2015 - 11:36 AM, By Dwarfbane
1 viewer Topics: 2,199 Replies: 25,424
Subforums: Specialist Games, Warhammer 40k
Regular Forum Skavenblight Media
Production forum for the Skavenblight Gazette online magazine and Skavenblight Radio podcast. Come here to post ideas, art, submissions or just browse the archive.
Moderated By: Clanlord Trask, Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
Skavenblight Radio Update 21st January 2015 - 02:00 PM, By SkavenDan
0 viewers Topics: 112 Replies: 1,346
Regular Forum Off Topic
Anything you want to talk about do it here
Moderated By: Silas, Nurglitch IX, Council of 13
End times V 24th January 2015 - 08:11 AM, By Vard Poisonfang
0 viewers Topics: 3,846 Replies: 78,601
Subforums: The Hell Pit Wastes

The Gaming Tunnels

Regular Forum Rules Discussion
For all questions and comments concerning the Skaven Army book and Warhammer rules in general.
Moderated By: CapAmr05, Nurglitch IX, Mathusala0, SkavenInAZ
Stormvermin question 26th January 2015 - 07:56 PM, By billycapgun37
0 viewers Topics: 686 Replies: 6,455
Regular Forum Skaven Tactics
For all discussions on Skaven tactics in Warhammer Fantasy.
Moderated By: CapAmr05, Mathusala0, SkavenInAZ
Stormfiends Yesterday, 2:33 AM, By Dez
1 viewer Topics: 2,422 Replies: 30,900
Regular Forum Skaven Army Lists
For all Skaven Army Lists.
Moderated By: CapAmr05, Mathusala0, SkavenInAZ
2000 point list New Skaven Player Today, 3:17 AM, By Vonhail
1 viewer Topics: 6,206 Replies: 35,319
Regular Forum Battle Reports
For recording your tournament and battle reports.
Moderated By: CapAmr05, Mathusala0, SkavenInAZ
Skaven vs. High Elves Today, 7:54 AM, By King Rat
0 viewers Topics: 1,022 Replies: 5,677
Regular Forum House Rules
For all home-made rules.
Moderated By: Warlock Matik, Mathusala0, SkavenInAZ
Themed Terrain Generation Charts 18th January 2015 - 08:58 PM, By Skrits
1 viewer Topics: 538 Replies: 4,748

The Hobby Tunnels

Regular Forum Hobby Challenges and Competitions
This is the place for painting vows, competitions, and challenges. All painting and hobby events are run from here.
Moderated By: Olorin the Ancient, CapAmr05, Skrits, Nurglitch IX
Painting Vows: January 25th January 2015 - 10:24 PM, By Git-Git
0 viewers Topics: 481 Replies: 13,222
Subforums: The Golden Rat Army of the Year
Regular Forum Painting and Hobby General
Post in here for general techniques and tips, along with anything generally hobby-related that doesn't fit into the other forums.
Moderated By: Olorin the Ancient, CapAmr05, Skrits, Nurglitch IX
Best Brush Clearner? Lanolin? Yesterday, 3:07 PM, By Pawleader
0 viewers Topics: 2,342 Replies: 25,771
Subforums: Tutorials Library
Regular Forum Skaven Painting and Hobby
For all topics relating to the building and painting of the master race.
Moderated By: Olorin the Ancient, CapAmr05, Skrits, Nurglitch IX
Homemade Movement Trays Yesterday, 7:57 PM, By Cadwyr
0 viewers Topics: 1,677 Replies: 17,039
Regular Forum Non-Skaven Painting and Hobby
Post here for topics about painting specific models other than Skaven, including terrain, Warhammer miniatures of lesser races, and figures for other games, including Warhammer 40,000.
Moderated By: Olorin the Ancient, CapAmr05, Skrits, Nurglitch IX
Clanlord Trask's truck diorama... thing Yesterday, 12:06 PM, By Clanlord Trask
0 viewers Topics: 431 Replies: 4,912
Regular Forum Army Diaries
Keep a record of how you progress with your army. For more info on how this works, see the introduction within this section.
Moderated By: Olorin the Ancient, CapAmr05, Skrits, Nurglitch IX
War litter build Yesterday, 7:17 PM, By Vard Poisonfang
0 viewers Topics: 816 Replies: 17,967

The Story Tunnels

Regular Forum Skaven Fan Fiction and Fluff
For all your home-made stories and Skaven background discussions.
Moderated By: General Vorg, Warlock Matik, Silas, Ratty Gnawtail
Skaven Slang or Swear Words? 11th January 2015 - 09:37 AM, By Spawning of Bob
0 viewers Topics: 2,105 Replies: 7,402
Subforums: Campaign Story Lists
Regular Forum Skaven Roleplaying
For play-by-post roleplaying games and other Skaven/rpg discussions.
Moderated By: General Vorg, Warlock Matik, Silas, GMs
Torchbearer Interest Thread Today, 6:24 AM, By Vard Poisonfang
0 viewers Topics: 555 Replies: 45,998
Read-only Forum The Chronicles of Inheritance
The Chronicles of Inheritance is the archive towards all the discussions that have taken place in the various (online) campaigns in which the UnderEmpire community has taken part.
Moderated By: Council of 13
It's a long way to the top 21st October 2011 - 03:48 AM, By Morkskittar
0 viewers Topics: 1,198 Replies: 21,195
Subforums: Storm of Chaos, 'Civil War' Campaign, Legacy of the Ancients, Kinsmen War, Warhammer Intersite Fantasy Campaign, The Nemesis Crown, The Underdark Campaign

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