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June 11th

Galiano - The crew have successfully laid hands on the cargo of misappropriated arms and are now cleaning up the opposition and hastening for a quick escape.

Deadwood - Kenji and Biff have helped saved the farm and found themselves in a turf war inside a foreign ship. With the culprits now put down or out cold, the pair must decide what to do with the contraband ex-military vessel which has fallen into their hands, not to mention the stowaway/captive they've discovered downstairs.

Glory - The crew has successfully destroyed the factory and warehouse of the new Alliance CORTEX systems. The heroic crew now returns to find Glory is not how they left her. The rest of the crew does not respond. Glory's systems fail to reply to her children. All is not well....

Valorous - A vague, yet bountiful meeting has concluded and the crew have regrouped back at the ship on Ariel with prospects of a new job. In their absence, however, something is amiss.

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Thane Roy; Character Sheet
Topic Started: Feb 21 2016, 01:52 PM (387 Views)
Member Avatar
A Reaver's Nightmare
Name: Thane Roy

Age: 37

Personality: God's gift to women in his own mind but with the physique, wit and charm to back it up. Roy is typically laid back and likes to joke a lot but when someone pokes the bear he can be aggressive. Afraid of nobody sometimes his ego can get him into trouble, forcing him to smooth talk his way out at times when his fists can't speak loud enough. A very logical-type he was drawn to fixing things at a young age, seeing how everything man created was put together. Having spent almost half his life in prison he is very routine-based, using structure as a way of focusing himself.

Appearance: Standing 6'3" and weighing 250 lbs Roy is a beast of a man, having been in jail for fifteen years he lifted weights as a way of life. Bald with a dark black goatee and deep brown eyes he also has a pronounced nose a bit off center and flattened due to a fight.

Equipment: a prison jump suit and his swinging cod

History: Born on Santo Thane lived a simple life with his father on a co-op farm where his father worked mainly as a mechanic for the farm equipment. He spent most of his young years holding tools and reaching all those hard to get at areas with his small hands. As a teenager he went through a large growth spurt and slowly took over for his father as the farm mechanic. One of the other families working the fields would often throw work his way as he was the one of the stronger residents which included working the fields, helping prepare meals and moving heavier objects. None of this he minded as he was fairly content with the farm life and he was sweet on one of the girls on the plantation.

His simple life of farming became more complicated when the war broke out, Alliance soldiers came to recruit for the war effort. They took many on but there were some who resisted, wanting to stay on the farm. They were treated with brutality and some were even shot. Thane watched from a distance as the events unfolded but didn't become a part of them as it seemed the Alliance squad had filled there quota before making it to their property. That was a temporary reprieve however, they'd be back looking for more.

Prior to this he had no opinion on the Alliance, however when he learned one of those among the deceased was the father of his childhood sweetheart it had become personal. He took a freighter off planet to join the war effort against the Alliance.
Thane had a short tour of duty in the war however as his platoon was captured on their first mission. He spent the next thirteen years in prison, even though most of his platoon-mates were likely breathing the free air after the war ended Thane had the bright idea of breaking an Alliance officers jaw after he saw him ruthlessly beat another prisoner. Well worth it.

Prison, like farming, came pretty easy to Thane as he made the right friends. Something being built like a brick house helped with, along with his sterling personality. It did come with some responsibility, he enforced the peace among other inmates which led to many scraps with tough guys thinking they were top dog. His ability to do maintenance-work also helped as he was allowed more freedom while doing work to fix old pipes, broken generators and menial tasks which saved the Warden having their maintenance guy on call all the time. Eventually he was given permission to serve out the rest of his sentence on his home planet to make transition into civilian life easier and so he was transferred to a temporary holding cell in a small town on Newhall. Fifteen years left to serve back home.

Primary Skill: Mechanic, not trained or certified but having worked with machines his entire life he has a good understanding of them. Besides, hitting something really hard usually makes it work again.

Secondary Skill: Brief military training so he has some basic weapons and combat experience. Fought often in prison so he can handle himself when things get rough.
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