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Ian Dugan; Stayin in the Black
Topic Started: Aug 22 2006, 05:49 AM (1,445 Views)
ian dugan
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Characters Name: Ian Dugan

Personality: Ian is not a very trusting person. However he does believe in the chain of command. A Captain makes the rules and everybody else follows them. Ian will hold his judgment on a person until they do something against him or one of his friends. Once Ian makes a friend, it a friend for life.

Appearance: Ian is 25 years old but lookes older. He stands at 5’7” in height. He usually wears blue jeans and a white shirt and a vest. When he is off the ship he’ll wear a black leather coat. He has two pistols from the war that he uses. One on each hip.

Three years of hard labor has left its mark. Ian has several scars that cross his back and chest. He has a scar on the right side of his face, from the hairline to his cheekbone. It passes over his right eye. No damage was done to his eye. Scars criss-cross most of his body.

Ian is thin but is stronger than he looks. He has short “salt and pepper” hair, mustache and goatee.

Equipment: Two old pistols from the war (Ghost & Ryder), boot knife and belt knife. He also has equipment for hacking in a small pouch he carries.

History: Three years of hard labor changes a man. Ian had lost much of his innocence. His outlook could be viewed as jaded. His body also went through its share of changes. He had lean, hard muscles due to the constant labor in the mines. He sported several scars; both from the war and from the many beatings he had received in prison.

Ian started out in the Alliance. He was a good Alliance boy. As a youth, he was good with electronics and the cortex. He joined the war five years ago. From infantry he went to the SpecOps. Blowing things up mostly. They taught him everything from how to fight dirty to how to hack the cortex. Ian was good at this job. He made the rank of Sergeant in two years.

The Browncoats that still fought the war, even knowing they weren't gonna win, touched a cord in him. The spark of Independence had been ignited. A few months after his second year in the war, it was a full on fire. In a bar, on a backwater planet, he stood up for two old Browncoat vets. A fight started, he killed a man. He was given a Bad Conduct Discharge and sent to prison.

Ian was beaten almost everyday for the first three months. When he started playing by their rules, the beatings stopped. It was no longer fun. Other people got hurt too.

Like every society, prisons have their own hierarchy, both with the prisoners and guards. Ian knew how this worked since before the war. He quickly learned the rules and who the players were. He played the game, and played it well. He made contacts within the guards and prisoners. He wasn’t above helping himself now and then. Half way through the second year he became a trustee.

The mine was run on two 14-hour shifts, with 4 hours overlapping. The rest was divided into 2 hours of controlled time (your only meal for the day, or being questioned) 2 hours of “free time” and 6 hours of sleep. Ian used this time to read and learn and play the game. With the help of other prisoners he learned hacking. He was good at it. When he let on that he knew about computers and electronics, Ian was tasked with the upkeep of the prisons computers and cortex. Within a year he was the prisons broker of information. Ian still had to keep pace with the other prisoners in the mine as well as his other hobbies.

One of Ian’s goals was to get back in the black. He hated being stuck dirt side. He’d be happy to stay in the black for a while after he got out.

On his first day in the mines, Ian had picked up a rock he had just chipped out of the wall. He kept it with him for three years. On his last day he did the same. He keeps both rocks with him still.

When his term was up he put word out over the cortex and got a job on the Glory, a Mayfly transport, owned by Lane Coroso. He was the Acquisitions Officer. When the mechanic was killed by saboteurs he stepped in to help. He kept the electronic systems running. When Lane had to leave to help his brother, he turned the ship over to Ian.

He’s in the Black, with a ship, and wants to stay there.

Skills: Computers – Maintenance, upkeep, hacking
Electronics – Installation and maintenance of several systems
Martial Arts – Basic level from military
Brawling - Better than average due to prison life
Underworld – Making and keeping contacts, Information gathering and weeding
Pistols - A good shot. Will hit his mark 6 times out of ten

Faction Standing
Alliance: Suspicious
Black Market: Acquaintance
Merchants Guild: Neutral
Pirates: Threat
Ian Dugan

Posted Image
Posted Image

Dis-memberment - 1,Coma - 3, Kills - 1
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A wave beeped for Ian Dugan.

"Hey Ian, it's Jasper."
I was unusual that Jasper would be so informal.
"I met an old mate a mine, he's got some connections to the Alliance Intell community, you know them spooks or ghosts you call em."

Jasper had said ghosts with a bit of contempt, sort of the way he playfully snickered when he learned Ian and Abe had names for their guns.
"I thought you'd be interested. We're at the back room at the local tavern, Old Turtle, back behind the Blue Rose Tavern. It's a little bit rough, if you think you ought to bring the boys."

Sonya Gulliver Description
Africa Chamberlain Description
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