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Previously on Lost in Serenity...

June 11th

Galiano - The crew have successfully laid hands on the cargo of misappropriated arms and are now cleaning up the opposition and hastening for a quick escape.

Deadwood - Kenji and Biff have helped saved the farm and found themselves in a turf war inside a foreign ship. With the culprits now put down or out cold, the pair must decide what to do with the contraband ex-military vessel which has fallen into their hands, not to mention the stowaway/captive they've discovered downstairs.

Glory - The crew has successfully destroyed the factory and warehouse of the new Alliance CORTEX systems. The heroic crew now returns to find Glory is not how they left her. The rest of the crew does not respond. Glory's systems fail to reply to her children. All is not well....

Valorous - A vague, yet bountiful meeting has concluded and the crew have regrouped back at the ship on Ariel with prospects of a new job. In their absence, however, something is amiss.

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LiS Staff

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