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what the hell happened to WIOLAWAPRESS.COM; Site disappearance
Topic Started: Apr 14 2012, 05:23 PM (899 Views)
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:owl3: What has happened to wiola? her site is down again?
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Hello Dave and welcome to the forum,

Arizona is passing some legislation that has made wiolawa incline to want to change servers. She has used getnet for many years but getnet, the server she's used, is based in the State of Arizona where they're aiming to pass this law. I'm reasonably certain she had her website de-hosted from getnet in consideration of this legislation though she says she really likes getnet a lot. She is looking to locate her website on another server that is located outside of the state of Arizona.

You can refer to this post by wio:


I reckon it's the free-speech jitters. (i.e. Feelings of nervousness created by uncertainty or fear about the terms of this bill and how it may be interpreted and applied.)
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