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MOTHMAN on bridge photo; he is HOLDING something in his hands
Topic Started: Feb 14 2009, 03:09 PM (12,065 Views)
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im certain i filtered that pic Yass.
didnt i post it?
not sure, but ill look around or just do it again.

btw, here is the second mothman bridge photo where U can CLEARLY see he is no longer sitting ON the bridge top but is flying away.
very dark photo here:
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I don't know why but I see he is holding something in his mouth.
that's what I see. because if you look closely in one of the pic, there are the wings one from the other, and the thing he's holding is in the mouth area, maybe he uses his hands or claws or I don't know how we would call them in this case, to keep the thing in his mouth.
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'night owl'
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I pushed auto-correct a couple times on the dark photo.

Posted Image
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very nice Yass!
we can definitely see the bridge is NOW clear and there is nothing sitting where it was before.
NOT part of the bridge, imo.

and U know who U are that i say this too, but i still luv ya dearly B) !

Yass i already posted the analysis (not the best of my attempts looking at it now) of the 911 photo, on this thread.
funny, this morning i didnt see it whatsoever.

Manu do U mean the mothman bridge photo he has got something in his mouth?
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I have just found the MOST RECENT MOTHMAN PHOTOS! Very close up and personal. Whoever took these really wanted to try and get a good look at the creature. Probably the eeriest I have ever seen, as the red eyes are VERY distinct.

This time it was apparently spotted flying over Britain, perhaps on a return journey to the states. There are visible stars behind the first one, so it must have been at a very high altitude, indicating it was probably photographed through a telescope.

Could just be an owl in my opinion, but the shape it too irregular. Either way the creature shown really does seem to resemble the legendary mothman flying many miles above the earth. :o

Any thoughts?
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