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You Can Filter Silver Out Of Water!; just make sure your junk coin is dirty
Topic Started: Dec 26 2010, 01:19 AM (507 Views)
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for fucks sake wake up people

When it comes to silver filtration one must face some realities. If you are going
to buy junk coin then make sure it is as dirty as possible. The dirt on the coins
is what has absorbed the silver you wish to collect. If you buy so-called junk
coin from alex jones then realize that he has already cleaned all of the residual
silver from the coins and after finally just ordering some alex jones silver I
realized that they actually are sanding and then oxydizing the junk coins. And
this all probably before "Cleaning" the coins. So the residual process is legally
just recycling in essence. Imagine that all of the aluminum cans that homeless
people are collecting are actually gold and the homeless collectors are actually
gold miners. I dont know becuase men live in such dis-reality. If you order
20,000 dollars worth of depression era coins then they will have been oxydizing
for all these years. If you remove the dirt then the dirt has silver in it if you
filter it out using much the same tech niques as hash extraction. But it really
isn't even as simple as that. Satanic "Luge" energy such as is created at a rock
concert is created by the random suffering of those who would be harmed by
removing cash from insurance companies and then criminalize them for failing.
Juzt the truth and

i love you all as i love myself
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btw.. i advise all of you to have DR HOROWITZ's silver solution that the ASTRONAUTS USED IN SPACE.. for any illness.. ah ho WIO
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