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In case you donīt know
Topic Started: Feb 22 2010, 10:36 AM (483 Views)
Mr. Ed
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People like me and maybe you who question authority and their tactics are now domestic terrorist. You have to ask yourself in whoīs interest are all of these little bloody incidents, flying a piper into the irs, ft. hood shooting, in my humble opinion most of these are false flags with an agenda behind them. Anybody who makes a heroe out of people like Joe Stack is a scumbag and a fool or part of the con. If the Joe Stack incident is real, he is a moron and a murderer, no one has the right to take anyone elses life or attack them. You have to wonder what draconian tactics they will dream up to deal with those that donīt like the road our elected and appointed officials are steering us down.

You don't need to fight Europe, Russia, Iran, Iraq, or any other silly battle. But what you do need is to pry the con artist(zionist) and war mongers(more zionist) out of the banks, schools, stock market, and get rid of their control of the American government.
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Hi Mr. ED,

From Ferz:

janet napolitano
"claws" & "pointin' finger" ...
= definitely, freemason
= will any of YOU ' PLEASE send this to MR.ED ?

Information is a gift no one owns it because everyone is it.
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