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Thanx ROBIN.. i was going to cut out his head and enlarge.. and the other head on his cloak... which was a head with horns.. i think his teeth after you enlarged it is FANGS!!!... i suppose fangs are teeth.. yuck.. yuck yuck.. im never ever going to go camping without lots of GUNS!.. as stated.. not to mention always look up at night carefully in my back yard.. LOL...and i have claw marks on my roof.. from a ptera.... no joke.. long story on that one.. what a planet hey? they keep all this hidden... yet it is out in the open.... i suppose they show us over and over on TV such movies.. as fake but they are terribly REAL.. did anything in that area happen after the sighting.. ?

I told my friends today.. and ofcourse i have known this for a long long time.. and my sister.. how much i use to hike alone in the appalachians.. and sierras.. and with just a few unarmed friends.. boy was i ignorant.. not just crazy humans we have to watch out for.. i suppose in the AMAZON i saw these huge snakes.. and LIZARD PEOPLE.. and i wasnt scared... we had a shield...... definitely neede...

ah ho WIO
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