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10. Spring Cleaning
Topic Started: May 9 2007, 02:51 PM (196 Views)
Celestial Sprite
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The whole plaza was engulfed in magical energy of multiple elements, and a massive explosion could be seen in this area from space most likely. When the huge blast finally died down, and all the smoke and debris with it, Jon, Sarah and Zexion stood in the center of a rather large lake of shadow, all that remained of the group of heartless that had surrounded them moments before.

"Think you could've... I don't know, WARNED us first?" Zexion inquired, wiping ash from his coat and coughing a little.

Kerrigan let down her psychic shield. The blue irradiance had sprung up just in time to protect her from the devistating spell. "Are you mad? I thought we were taking this place, not destorying it!"

"Noted, but at least they are gone. Now where were we..." Jon stated cooly, looking pleased with himself, but then raised an eyebrow when he saw the substance around them begin to bubble. "Erm, I'm pretty new to this universe, but is this... liquid suppose to still be here, and... bubbling like this?"

Zexion's eyes narrowed, and he looked around. Suddenly, the pool began to move, and form together. "Would've been too easy..." The Nobody stated under his breath as he looked upon the morphing black substance.

"Hmmm? What's it doing?" Sarah inquired, looking more curious then anything else.

Soon, her answer came. The cool congregrated in one area in front of them and began to grow up, and take form. Much to the villains' dismay, the puddle reformed and a rather large and intimidating creature was born.

"Brilliant move, oh magical one." She said to Irenicus as the creature formed.


The door lead to what appears to be some form of parlor. If it was lit better, the place might look downright nice. Infortunately the inhabitants of the room didn't look to happy to see Tifa, Sora or Riku, particularly the two in the center of the room. However, their heroic reflexes give the Keybladers and martial artist the drop on them.

Sora immediately ran into the fray, and began slashing at one of the left heartless with his Keyblade.

"Looks like we have company, let's deal with these and move on quickly!"

Riku followed Sora in to the group of heartless and slashed the one Sora injured killing it, while Tifa ran up and unleashed a furious combo on another shade. The shade went down, and beside them, the two Lancers Dance, both attacking all the heroes, but Sora was ready. He grabbed the second Lancer as it tried to strike him and took it for a ride. After a few moments, both went flying into the air, and Sora slam dunked it into the remaining shade.

"Finish them Riku!" He shouted, backflipping away from the injured heartless.

As Riku watched Sora flip through the air away from the Lancers Riku nodded as he got an idea.

"Ok Sora, its my turn now!" The silver-haired Keyblader threw his keyblade in the air jumped up to catch it and slamed the floor Link-style causing a red circle to appear around the lancers, and, before they could move, they were engulfed in a massive explosion, killing them.

Finishing off the rest of the heartless, the three heroes went back out into the entryway, as there was nothing else of interest in the room they were in. "Ok, let's go." Sora said, making his way to the door. "So the left one is next, right?"

Riku and Tifa nodded and they bursted through the door; in this room there were two very nice, very large chairs. Both of them were occupied by large, not nice Heartless. As the Heroes entered they rose to make there displeasure known.

Sora had is Keychains ready for this, and unleased a massive ball of molten rock at one of them. The Marluxia's scythe keychain attached to the three wishes glimmered as magical energy channeled through it. Riku followed suit, and pointed the Way to Dawn at the Heartless, unleashing a flare on them.

Tifa ran along the wall and hopped off it, slamming one of the large heartless in the back of the head with her foot, sending it flying to the ground. While its large ally went down, the one that had been the victim of fiery magic decided to launch a counter offensive, and unleashed its greath girth at Sora, smashing him into a nearby wall pieces of debris catching his legs.

"Sora! You'll pay for that!" Riku shouted, and jumped up, using the top of the large heartless' stomach as a step latter to flip over it. As the righted himself, he slashed the Large Body viciously across its back, sending it bowling forward. The other one finally got up, but only to be slammed down by an elbow from Tifa. It jumped up into the air, enraged, but was quickly destroyed by a flying Keyblade. Sora had finally freed himself, and made quick work of the remaining heartless.
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