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About Alti - V2

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Jul 9 2018, 08:34 PM. 0 comments

After continued behavior from when he first rejoined the site, Alti has been brought to the highest level of the strike system once more. This ban wasn't caused by anything specific, and was simply based on a trend of his repeated behaviors that got him banned originally. Multiple people came forward with complaints and concerns over his actions, so staff has decided to bring him up to Strike 3. The previous announcement is listed below for convenience.

After an extensive series of infractions dating back over a year, Alti has reached the highest ban level of our strike system. As with previous bans of this type, there isn't any specific event that caused this, it is simply a continuous trend of toxic behavior that persists despite repeated warning and reprimand.

Since before February 2015, Alti has shown an undeniable inclination towards undeserved outbursts of anger, unsolicited and uncomfortable intimacy, and a general disregard for the rules of the board combined with flippant disrespect when confronted about these issues. The earliest logged cases show him disparaging other players, including MAs and staff members, attempting to avoid reprisal by simply blocking the staff that confront him, joining multiple topics only to lose interest, complain about the topic, and drop out early on, and making uncomfortable remarks to other players and staff.

The most recent cases include much the same; disparaging and hurtful language, joining topics only to lose interest, complain, and avoid posting, posting nsfw links in general chat, and making uncomfortable remarks to other players and staff. Such actions should not be tolerated, regardless of post-reprimanding apologies or claims of "just kidding". While Alti did often apologize to people on his own accord, apologies don't go very far when the behavior persists and repeats, and especially for so long and so consistently. This behavior is vitriolic, and shows a lack of consideration for others at best, and though staff has brought it to his attention multiple times, there is still no sign of any effort towards or desire to change. Thus, staff has reached the point where we had no choice but to bring him up to Strike 3.

New World Vote Results

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Apr 10 2018, 12:06 AM. 0 comments

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for their patience, as this probably took longer than everyone, staff included, would have liked. Everyone's votes, however, have been tallied, and we have our results.

In 1st place, at a whopping 30 points, Sur'vak was the winner! Second place was a very close fight but it ultimately went to Ceriden! With 17 points Ceriden won by a single point; an extra voter could have given Filgaia or the World of Twelve the slot, or could have forced a run off poll with the Witcher World. Truly, this was one of those elusively rare polls where every vote mattered, and in the last hours the second place slot bounced in and out of five different hands. At one point we were looking at a 3 way tie for 2nd!

Be on the lookout for our two newest worlds, as we hope to get them up as soon as possible. If you want to see how many votes each world got, we've put them in the spoiler below.

Thanks again for voting, and we hope you'll have fun playing with our two new worlds!

Vote Tallies

Patch 8.1

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Feb 12 2018, 11:27 PM. 0 comments

And here we are with another patch. Fortunately for everyone, there's relatively little in this patch that will require you to make changes to your character's stats. That's not to say that there isn't going to be some big things in this patch though.

- SAF Changes
- Rewards
- Cooldown
- Starting Off
- New World Bring In Mechanics
- World Removal Rewards
- Random RP Partner Topics
- Space Capable Chasis
- Clarification: Exotic Weapons Slots

SAF Changes
The main attraction, so to speak, of this patch is our changes to SAFs. In short, we're making a flat reward rate for SAFs, as well as changing our cooldown so our tag rate won't be as much of an issue, in regards to how many fights you get.

This probably isn't surprising to you all, but at the higher ends, stat fight rewards can get pretty crazy. High-end characters who are fighting AR 8 or 9 can get around 100 PT for a single victory: that's as much as a 3-part PQ series, a good one at that! Staff has adjusted the reward system to bring it more in line with PQs, while still keeping fighting stronger opponents the most profitable option. More specifically, we're switching to a more or less flat reward structure, versus the scaling one we have at the present that got out of hand, and would have stayed so even if we flattened it some. The new reward system is simple.

- 600c for losing
- 20 PT for winning
- +10 PT if you haven't beaten that rank before (main ranks AR X, rather than getting the bonus each time you beat AR X-1, X-2, X-3)

You're already considered to have beaten any rank of AR before your current arena rank, of course. Fights that are ongoing at the time of this patch will be rewarded at their old rate.

While our tag rate has definitely improved as of late, it admittedly has historically been a bit sloppy. A slow tag rate could definitely slow down the number of fights a player and character could get, since cooldowns were tied to the end of the fight. With that in mind, our new cooldown scheme is:

- 6 Week Character Cooldown
- 2 Week RPer Cooldown
- Cooldown begins when the fight is posted

Any fights that are ongoing at the time that this patch is posted will retroactively incur the new cooldown (from the time it began), but any remaining cooldown for a particular character who's not in a fight at the present will remain the same.

Starting Off:
A minor change to make the fights a bit less of a grind to climb: you may challenge any rank between AR 1-1 and AR 3-3 when you're first starting out with a character. From AR4 onwards, you have to climb one AR X threshold at a time as you currently do now.

World Bring-In Changes

We've often see that new worlds often don't garner a lot of popularity. Sometimes, it's a world that just a couple people think is cool or liked the game it was from, but there's really not much interest in it from the greater community. While we have no issue with bringing in new worlds, we would prefer they be attractive to the site at large. Some members who have been here long enough might remember that the worlds making up the Terra Ring were chosen by popular vote, and we intend to make that the rule rather than the exception. For those of you who are newer: not only does that include Patriot Earth, Gangster, Earth, Infected Earth, and the Wasteland (which have all experienced times of decent or high activity), the Terra Ring also originally included Pokemon Earth which is of course wildly popular.

So first of all, World Bring-Ins via wormhole quests are no more. As per usual, any ongoing quests to bring in a world are unaffected, though you might still wish to nominate the world you're interested in bringing in if you want a chance at getting it in sooner.

Here's how the process works:
Phase 1 - Nomination Phase: Each member sends the Celestial Sprite up to two nominations for worlds to add, and a small arguement to why their particular world should be included.
Phase 2 - Staff Selection: Staff then goes through them, and selects eight worlds. While multiple nominations for a world can help the case here, others can be picked as well as long as they were nominated.
Phase 3 - Voting: Once we've narrowed down the number of worlds to eight, they get put up for a vote. Votes are submitted by PM to Celestial Sprite. You can give one world 3 points, another 2, and a last world 1 with your vote. The two worlds with the highest score* will make it in to the site proper!

*If you have any concerns over a particular world, feel free to voice them in your PM. Please note this should be a complaint about it making it more difficult to play your character in a rather significant way. Staff will mostly use the votes to determine the winner, but any serious or repeated concerns about a particular world will be considered and has the possibility of altering which two worlds make it in.

Please note that we discourage you nominating Multi-Worlds for the most part. That's not to say Multi-Worlds are impossible, if they make perfect sense, such as with Infected Earth or Mega Earth. However, worlds with a theme such as "shows made by the same author" or "anything under this genre" will most likely not make it through to the voting phrase. If you want to discuss their appropriateness, feel free to talk to staff about it. OC Worlds are allowed as well, with how much detail you want to give is up to you (keep in mind however much detail you give us is what we'll present to the member base if we decide to let it go up for vote). As one last minor note, with the New Valorian arc drawing to a close, we will not accept nominations to make the Valorverse a permanent world.

We also discourage heavy pressuring of other people's votes. Discussing which worlds you voted for and whatnot is perfectly fine. However, attempting to strong arm other people/trash other world options that made it up for vote won't be tolerated.

With that note, our first nomination phase has officially started with the release of this patch! Feel free either to submit your favored two worlds immediately or throughout the next 10 days. After 10 days nominations are closed and the voting phase will start a few days afterwards.

World Removal Rewards

There's more than a few worlds that are surprisingly unpopular, but with the cap on how many worlds you can have in a particular ring gone, what's the point of trying to remove them, especially when there's the concern of being dogpiled on by heroes, or worse, a faction? We decided to make it a bit worth your while to try to kill a world, with benefits that are either expensive, or even possibly unavailable otherwise.

If you successfully quest to remove a world, you get the following reward package:
1. World Removed
2. May pick one world to make it to the public voting phase for the next world vote (must still fit within board rules)
3. 20 BP
4. One of the Following
-Additional Tech Slot
-Additional Ability Slot
-Additional Quick Slot
-Additional 10 Upgrade Points to your account's Universal Cap
-Additional 10 Vital Points to your account's Universal Cap

As a reminder, while mass murder is a perfectly valid way to remove a world, even heroes could get it. The world only has to be banished from the Multiverse, not kaboomed. So getting a churro could result in accidently finding a mystic artifact that teleports Radiant Gardens out of the Multiverse. And the counterquest could be getting that person a churro before they end up stumbling on said artifact. Of course, that's only one example. Any currently ongoing quests to remove the world will recieve these rewards, provided they're successful, of course.

Random RP Partner Topics

In an effort to get new members integrated into the community, help people start plotting with people they usually might not consider, and generally get things moving more, staff is starting a monthly Random RP Partners Roulette. Essentially, you just sign up (as an RPer, not a specific character), and RNG a random RP partner for them. You're not obligated to RP with them if you get someone you don't mesh with, or really struggle think of a good topic for some reason (but we highly encourage you to make a significant effort to make even a silly little topic work!). Note that there's no mechanical reward for this, apart from normal rewards if you all decide to make a GPQ or PRQ, but it should on the other hand be great for those of you who are having a hard time finding new topics. This is also a great way for our newer members who may not be as well integrated in the CRRP community to get to know others more!

Space Capable Chasis

Space Capable was a bit of an oddball of an ability. The effect was largely access rather than power - all it really did was give you the ability to travel to the Wormhole, and quest outside of the main Multiverse. To a fair degree, the requisite cost was meant to keep a lot of the action in the Multiverse proper, rather than having every newbie run off to some other world that wasn't in it. While it was fine to throw on a throwaway vehicle that you really weren't going to use for anything else other than as a ticket to the Wormhole, it wasn't exactly anything you'd want to put on a vehicle you planned to actually take into combat. With our reform to World Bring-In, it's even less worth its ability slot. No more.

Rather than being a seperate ability, it's considered to be a trait of the vehicle's chasis, along with whether it's land or air (yes, land-space is perfectly valid. Any who disagree may submit their complaint to Doctor Who.). It can be bought upon vehicle creation or added at the Personal Trainer for the same price as the ability currently costs right now. If you have it as a regular ability, just post in the Personal Trainer that you have it, and you can trade it for upgrading the vehicle's chassis, free of charge. If it's quested, slotless, or both, note that too, and you can claim a 1 (for Quested), 2 (for Slotless), or 3 (for both) PT token along with it.

Clarification: Exotic Weapon Slottage
Not really a patch but we never really clarified how many slots each piece of exotic equipment has remaining on it. To be fair, we should first note that Exotic equipment has 8 slots on it at BL 1. How many of those 8 slots each piece of those premade exotics take is listed for each item. This should help you plan your equipment tree a bit better

[Helm of Saint-14] "He walked out into the demon light. But at the end he was brighter." ó Paean to Saint-14. [Space] techniques inflict [Dispel 1]. For the price of 1 EP, 2 [Space] damage may be added to a single tech. Space techniques cost +1 DP to dodge. Cannot be equipped with any other [Merchant] tagged equipment. (Helmet) (Quested) {Merchant} (800c) <7/8 at BL 1>

[Dunemarchers] Whether on solid rock or shifting sand dune, the inexorable Sand Eaters never slow their pace. All incoming techniques cost -1 DP to dodge. Once per round, the wearer may spend 5 EP to make an incoming attack cost -1 DP to dodge. Effects on this piece of equipment ignore the "Cannot reduce below 4 DP to dodge" rule. (Boots) (Quested) {Merchant} [Exotic] (3000c) <8/8 at BL 1>

[Sealed Ahamkara Grasps] Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinations...oh bearer mine. Grants the bearer a free [May use a free {Melee} attack once per every odd Battle Level] ability that cannot be upgraded in any way. Every time the user inflicts {Melee} based damage they gain a quarter of that back in EP. The bearer deals +4 more with all {Melee} moves. Cannot be altered in Toady's shop. (Hands) (Quested) {Merchant} [Exotic] (1500c) <8/8 at BL 1>

[The Ram] ...PRAISE ME... User gains +4 defense vs. all. User's {Melee} techniques gain [Vampiric Healing 6] upon hit. May not be equipped with any other [Merchant] tagged equipment. (Helmet) (Quested) {Merchant} (1280c) <8/8 at BL 1>

[Creamer] non-dairy. Moxxi's rocket launcher, produced by Torgue. When [Ballistic] moves inflict damage, restores 1/4th of the damage dealt to the user in HP. Grants [Creamer] (Weapon) (Quested) (Merchant) [Exotic] (500c)
[Creamer] I like my explosives, honey. Deals 30 [Piercing] damage to a single target, costs +1 DP to dodge. (30 EP) [Ballistic] <4/8 Slots at BL1>

[Heartbreaker] I don't want to set the world on fire... Moxxi's shotgun, produced by Hyperion. When [Fire] moves inflict damage, restores 1/4th of the damage dealt to the user in HP. Grants (Heartbreaker) (Weapon) (Quested) (Merchant) [Exotic] (400c)
[Heartbreaker] I want to light a fire in your heart. Deals 5 [Fire] and 5 [Piercing] damage to a single target, costs +1 DP to dodge. (10 EP) [Ballistic] <3/8 Slots at BL1>

[Bad Touch] When I'm good, I've very good... One of Moxxi's SMGs, produced by Maliwan. When [Bio] moves inflict damage, restores 1/4th of the damage dealt to the user in HP. Grants (Bad Touch) (Weapon) (Quested) (Merchant) [Exotic] (400c)
[Bad Touch] Will make you melt. Deals 4 [Piercing] and 4 [Bio] damage to a single target and inflicts [Soften 3]. (13 EP) [Ballistic] <3/8 Slots at BL1>

Happy New Year!

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Jan 1 2018, 11:44 AM. 0 comments

Clad in a banner that proudly reads 2018, Father Time Guy is here to distribute gifts to everyone that's been with us. Here's to another year!

Each current active player character receives each of the following immediately unless stated otherwise:
[60c Coupon]: A holiday coupon that may be used toward any purchase.
[Forge Coupon]: Redeemable for 200c of any equipment at the Celestial Forge
[Duodecennial Cookies]: A sugar cookie as big as your head with a red icing number 12 on it. Restores 12 IP worth of vitals, decided on use.

As well as a choice from one of the following:
[New Year's Cake]: Because you clearly haven't had enough sweets between the last three holidays. Heals 10 HP, 10 EP, 2 DP, and 2 LP.
[New Year's Plans]: Grants 1 BP. Redeemable at the Personal Trainer.
[New Year's Wishes]: Good for one free technique/ability in Celestial Strikes or Celestial Skills, or Two free single IP vital increases in the Pool of Awakening.
[New Year's Promise]: May upgrade one equipment, ability, or technique to {Quested}. Redeemable at the appropriate store: Celestial Forge, Celestial Skills, or Celestial Strikes, respectively.
[New Year's Resolution]: Good for 80c in upgrades at the training ground.

You may simply add them into your storage. These items can be claimed at any time before January 15th. This includes characters that join by that date.

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Dec 27 2017, 11:34 AM. 0 comments

As usual, the Shy Guys have put protection on the Christmas packages on par with Celestial Guardian capital ship armor, and while you heroes and villians might be able to break even that, you won't without smashing whatever's inside. Fortunately, the protections on the packages have been finally been lifted, leaving the denizens of the Multiverse to reap the benefits of their buddy's generosity.


Red: [Excalipoor]: Alright, the gift giver got dooped. At least the thought counts? +1 damage dealt with {Melee}. {Weapon}
Green: [Regenerative Mail]: Gotta keep the tank of the party up and running! +1 HP regen/round. {Accessory}
Silver: [Giant Shield]: Perfect to go with your oversized sword. Grants +2 defense vs. {Melee}. {Hands}
Gold: [Huge Steak]: Builds muscle power. Worth 4 free upgrades at the training grounds.
Blue: [Demon Hunter Armour]:By fire I have already been purged, but continued onwards still! Grants 3/4 resistance against [Burn]. {Armor}


Red: [Executive Staff]: This staff was named such because at the company it was designed at, only the top wizards running the place got to use them originally. +1 damage dealt with {Spell}. {Weapon}
Green: [Witch Hunterís Hat]: Protects you against evil magicÖ and good magic. Really, it was originally made for burn first ask questions never witch hunters. Grants +2 defense vs. {Spell} {Accessory}
Silver: [Sheer Robes]: The more powerful the mageís magical might, the more transparent their clothes are: helps to convince all of the party members to keep that skimpily dressed mage alive. Grants 2/4 resistance to [Despair] {Armor}
Gold: [Ancient Manuscript]: Ugh, you get the feeling the Shy Guys just used Moogle Translate or something to translate it. Still has its uses. 4 free upgrades at the training grounds
Blue: [Mystic Gem]: An enchanted gem that can be set in a piece of armor or a ring. Grants +1 EP regen/round. {Accessory}


Red: [Hollywood Clip]: Actually the reason Hollywood movie characters never run out of ammo is because the clips they sell there rarely do. Donít use these at particularly dramatic moments though. 1 EP regen/round. {Belt}
Green: [Gun Mods]: A small collection of mods that can fit just about any gun. Worth 4 free upgrades at the training grounds
Silver: [Mithril Rounds]: Most gun-wielders are more focused on their weapon than their bullets, so these were made to give wise crackshots something to cheer about. +1 damage dealt with {Ballistic}. {Accessory}
Gold: [Targeting Visor]: Gotta keep all of the tricks in the bag up and running, even if a little computer assistance is needed. Grants 1/2 resistance against [Ability Scramble]. {Head}
Blue: [Flak Jacket]: Pretty basic armor, appropriate for every soldier. +2 defense vs. {Ballistic} {Armor}


Red: [Long-Lasting Bow Strings]: Frees up more opportunities to train, rather than spending that time switching out your bow string. Worth 4 free upgrades at the training grounds though.
Green: [Quick Access Quiver]: Because why have to reach all the way to your back? +1 dealt with {Ranged}. {Accessory}
Silver: [Umbrella of Arrows]: What better defense when arrows are raining down? +2 defense vs. {Ranged} {Weapon}
Gold: [Clear Mind]: Protects against every type of headache known to man. Grants 1/4 resistance to Migraine and Headache. {Accessory}
Blue: [Lucky Penny]: The Shy Guys scoured the multiverse for pennies that landed on heads, and packaged them. 1 DP regen/ 5 round. {Accessory}


Red: [Music Playlist]: A small collection of songs for most audio devices that are supposedly inspirational. Grants 5 EP to three followers. {Badge}
Green: [New Valorian War Medal]: Weíll just assume you fought in that war, alright? 1 LP regen/ 5 rounds {Accessory}
Silver: [Wide Deflector]: A small machine that generates a field that makes attacks less likely to hit. Grants +1 DP to three followers. {Badge}
Gold: [Art of War]: The classic book from Sun Tzu. The tactics are a bit old, but itís perfect to be able to quote if you want to come across as pretentious. Worth 160c for follower/vehicle/summon purchases
Blue: [Music Playlist]: A small collection of songs for most audio devices that are supposedly inspirational. Grants 5 EP to three followers. {Badge}


Red: [Silence Rune]: To get your enemy to stop bragging about their fancy buffs. Add [Dispel (1)] to a technique for 4 EP. Does not stack. {150c} {Accessory}
Green: [Elemental Crown]: A silver crown that allows you to use the elements to restore yourself. [Element] inflicts [Vampiric Healing (3). {Head}
Silver: [Can of Spinach]: Approved by sailors everywhere! Worth 4 free vital purchases.
Gold: [Travelerís Cloak]: A mysterious cloak to dramatically toss off when you suddenly reveal your identity. Grants +15 (HP or EP) or 3 (DP or LP) to a vital of the giftee's choice. {Belt}
Blue: [Mystical Rune Replica]: The original version of this just unlocked the seal a demonic god was locked behind. This just replicates the side effect of improving the power of an element. Grants +2 (element of giftee's choice) damage. {Hands}


Red: [Bacon]: This is the best gift ever. Restores +20 HP and 4 DP.
Green: [Hard Cider]: Letís all stop pretending that drinking in the multiverse doesnít make you a better leader for some reason. Restores +20 EP and 4 LP.
Silver: [Douchebagís Choice Energy Drink]: The number one competitor to Pretentious Coffee. You canít argue with the results. Grants [Haste (1)] to a single target.
Gold: [Bubble Wrap]: Obviously, this is why the mail system was invented in the first place. Grants [Barrier (3)] to a single target.
Blue: [Pretentious Coffee]: The kind of coffee organically grown from fair trade beans in some country youíve never heard of. Itís got a heckuva lot of caffeine though. Grants [Strengthen {type of giftee's choice} 5].

Don't like your presents? Fear not, they're basically the same as other pieces of equipment; feel free to refund any item you dislike. Since not all presents have prices listed in Celestial Forge, we've listed the prices various status-related equipment effects here. Remember that most resist equipment has two instances of any given effect listed here.


Resistance to [Burn] 1/4 {50c}
Resistance to [Silence] 1/4 {70c}
Resistance to [Ability Scramble] 1/4 {70c}
Resistance to [Headache] 1/4 {50c}
Resistance to [Migraine] 1/4 {60c}
[Element] inflicts [Vampiric Healing 3] (160c)
Add [Dispel (1)] to a technique for 4 EP once per round. {150c}

Patch 8.0.1

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Sep 5 2017, 10:23 PM. 0 comments

Hey, folks. Here we are with another multi-part patch! A few months ago we had a roundtable, and staff is working on what we can do for that. While most of the topics brought up there will come in other parts of this patch, we can assure you that we have taken your suggestions into consideration.

That being said, here are the topics we have for you today:

- Charisma Badge price change
- Rewording of the Pilot ability
- Distant Attacker price drop
- New status: Wither
- Slow change
- Hinder EP cost drop
- Self-Destruct technique inhibitor

Nobody really buys Charisma badges, huh? How about we change that? We've dropped the price, and also changed the wording a little:

[Charisma Badge]: Allows the general/tactician follower/secondary general to charm/command a faction follower or vehicle that is up to X Battle Levels above the commander. (600c*X)

Now you can actually pick the Battle Levels for charming, which should come in handy. We look forward to seeing what people do with Charisma Badges now that they're easier to get!

Pilot is a very important ability, making followers able to ride vehicles. However, there's one thing in the description that seems a little awkward:

"[Pilot]: This follower can pilot a vehicle in the place of a general, if the vehicle is destroyed so is this soldier. The follower can only use its own LP, along with that of the vehicle it is piloting, to control the vehicle's techniques/abilities, and cannot take an action in place of the general's action. "

Currently, Pilot makes it so that when a vehicle is destroyed, the follower riding it is as well. This seems unnatural, doesn't it? Thus, we've removed that rule. Pilot now reads as follows:

"[Pilot]: This follower can pilot a vehicle in the place of a general. The follower still loses half its maximum vitals when the vehicle is destroyed. The follower can only use its own LP, along with that of the vehicle it is piloting, to control the vehicle's techniques/abilities, and cannot take an action in place of the general's action."

Now, followers act like generals when piloting vehicles and only lose half their maximum vitals instead of dying on the spot. This also allows them to make use of the Eject ability.

Distant Attacker costs twice as much as normal abilities. This seems rather unnecessary. Thus, we're dropping the price down to a normal ability's price! It now costs 80c like the majority of other abilities. This should make it more worthwhile.

Statuses like Lull and Paralyze are generally something you want to watch out for. We've decided to add another turn altering status for you all to tinker around with: Wither!

[Wither X]: The target has had their energy drained. Must spend x1.5 as much DP to dodge and deals 1/2 damage before damage altering statuses are applied for X turns. (X*6 EP)

Naturally given how it works, much like Paralyze and Silence its part of the group of status effects with that 1 turn cooldown required in between applications. We hope you can all find interesting things to do with this new status. It will be added to stores for techniques, abilities, and equipment options shortly.

On the topic of status changes, Slow is one of the lesser used statuses. We decided to change it entirely, and now it's pretty much an entirely different status!

[Slow (X)]: The target struggles to move. For X turns, they cannot use DP, do not receive free dodges from any source such as Flying, do not gain additional actions due to [Haste], and cannot take any action during the Second Free Action phase. (5*X EP)

The EP costs and equipment costs haven't changed, so those can stay the same to those of you who still have Slow. Hopefully this helps to counter Flying alongside Anti-Air techniques!

One more status change for you: Hinder's effect isn't being changed, but its EP cost is being dropped to 5 per. If this affects your techniques, you may update them in the topic below.

One of the topics brought up at the roundtable was the possibility of a self-destruct ability that triggers when the user reaches 0 HP. After some tinkering, we have a technique inhibitor that serves this purpose!

[Self-Destruct], or 'Can only be used when the user reaches 0HP': This technique can only be used when the user is below 1HP, and only when they were above 0HP at the start of the turn. The user is given a Full Action in order to use this technique. Can only be used once per battle, even if the user is revived or resummoned. Does not activate when Second Chance triggers. (-12 EP)

Essentially, if unit A was to reach 0 HP, they would be allowed to use this technique as a free action - no LP required! It can only be used once per battle, so resummonable followers or vehicles cannot repeatedly use it, making it less useful for suicide summons. It also doesn't activate when Second Chance triggers, meaning that it only works when Second Chance stops working. For example, unit A has Second Chance and is hit by a mortal blow, but remains at 1 HP - this means next time it is hit by a mortal blow it'll hit 0 HP and then it may use its Self-Destruct technique.

Naturally due to its nature, some inhibs such as say, self-inflicted debuffs aren't compatible with the Self-Destruct inhib. The list of compatible inhibs will be added to the inhib rules in Strikes.

We know you're all groaning at the idea at another set of massive patches, but thank you for bearing with us. We'd like to implement all the ideas you shared at the roundtable, and we hope we live up to your expectations. We'll likely be having another roundtable soon, so be sure to ready any other topics you have in mind. Much like last time, you can IM a staff member on discord or send a PM to Celestial Sprite to have the topic submitted. We have no date set in mind yet, it will depend a bit on how quickly we move through the additional parts of this patch, but end of September/start of October wouldn't be out of the question.

If you need Hinder techniques changed, you can find that topic here. Thank you for your time!

Roundtable Discussion!

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at May 17 2017, 09:25 PM. 2 comments

Greetings members of CRRP!

Staff have decided to try something a little bit different here. At times it can be difficult for the staff body and the member body to communicate with each other for one reason or another. The suggestion forum is there (and should be used!), but sometimes a live chat is more useful for certain topics. As such on the evening (CST) of June 3rd staff will be hosting a roundtable chat where members can hop in and discuss various topics. We will give you a more firm time as we get closer. Vent, Mima, and Garch are the current staff members penciled in to be taking part, though obvious that is subject to change as needed.

How subjects will be decided is straightforwards. Between now and June 3rd members can either DM a staff member on Discord or shoot a PM off to the Celestial Sprite. Staff will go through the suggestions and pick the topics that come up the most through your suggestions. Staff will then bring them up one at a time in the roundtable and have a discussion with members about it.

For this to work however, we are going to be setting down some extremely firm rules. To be perfectly frank the last time anything remotely close to this was tried was years ago and ended rather poorly. To prevent that kind of outcome we will be clamping down on things.

1) Absolutely zero tolerance for bashing or personal attacks. This is a chat to discuss topics on the memberships' mind, not to attack staff or individuals about things. You do that, you are instantly kicked from the roundtable chat. No advanced warning, the delay will only be long enough to quickly double check with other staff members that it was kick worthy. If it was particularly aggressive we may move you up the disciplinary system towards your next warning or strike. If you don't think you can discuss a particular issue without attacking a particular member, it would be best not to participate.

2) No trying to coerce other members into asking to talk about the same topic you want. The submitting of topics should be done in private. If we find individuals are trying to talk other people into bringing up their particular topic, we will not use that topic. We want to know what's really on the member base's mind as a whole, not what one or two individuals think is important. The suggestion forums are still there if you feel you still want to try to have a discussion about something if your topic ends up not being discussed.

3) Do not expect promises of fixes, instant solutions, or even guarantees that we'll look into something further. Chances are there will be some things we can't easily fix, or have our reasons for them being set up a particular way. We will be as open as we can be both in our responses and our receptiveness to opinions, but we make no promises about anything. There will also be some things where we can't go into detail and we won't be able to supply a satisfactory answer. We'll try to avoid this, but at the end of the day if we run into this problem that needs to be understood and accepted by both sides.

4) There are no guarantees about how frequently these roundtables will happen, or if this will be repeated at all. Depends entirely on how things go. If things get particularly ugly we'll shut it down entirely before it was supposed to end.

We look forward to hearing the suggestion for topics!

One more thing; unless you PM it to Sprite (so by using DMs in Discord) you are guaranteed to be anonymous outside of the staffer you send your suggestion to.

About Persona 5 Characters

Posted by Celestial Sprite (NPC (Staff)) at Mar 21 2017, 05:51 PM. 0 comments

As many of you are likely aware, Persona 5 will get an English release for PS3 and PS4 in about two weeks. However, the game has already been released in Japan, and we know many members on the board are interested in getting it when it's released in the US. This, of course, comes with new character options. However, there are three points that should be touched upon on the matter of applying for characters:

1. There are not enough Persona 5 characters available for everybody. The amount of major characters is rather limited, and as such, someone might have a character they like taken before they have a chance to finish the game.

2. Don't expect to get Persona 5 characters as followers. Due to the aforementioned limited cast, it's likely that most of them will be apped as generals instead, and override follower choices. Also keep in mind that followers can only be secured after being on the account for a month, increasing the risk of losing the follower.

3. The game's been out for 4 months in Japan. Some people have spoiled themselves on the game already and have plans for characters. They will likely have a better chance to get the characters they want. If someone grabs a character that you like, don't get mad about it. Losing a character you wanted to app doesn't mean it's the end of the world. It's unfortunate, but that's sometimes how it goes with popular games. Undertale and Pokemon are good examples of this happening in the past. Likewise, sometimes those hype apps end up switched out later on, allowing somebody who missed them the first time to pick them up if they still want them.

We want to make sure everyone can get the characters they want, but unfortunately, with the sheer interest in Persona 5, this is not possible at this time. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If at all possible, please try to work out who's going to grab who before hand in order to reduce both arguments and people getting upset.
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