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News and Rules

New Posts News

Important matters related to the board will be posted here as they arise. Announcements usually apply to just about everyone on the board, so keep an eye up here!
Staff Positions and Member Assistants Nov 2 2014, 07:23 PM, By Celestial Sprite
0 viewers Topics: 132 Replies: 133
New Posts Rules

A comprehensive outline of the rules of this board. If you're new, it's a good idea to read these and familiarize yourself with them before you do too much on the board. If you have any questions about anything on Celestial Refresh, here is the place to look for answers. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to ask a staff member.
Beginners' Guide Oct 7 2014, 11:21 PM, By Celestial Sprite
0 viewers Topics: 15 Replies: 52

Introductions and Storages

New Posts Introductions

If you're new to the board, this is where you post first, introducing yourself and telling us a few things about your chosen character. If you're switching characters or getting a new one, this is where you tell us about your new character. After you post a completed form, staff will begin working on stats for your character. Please be patient, as the CRRP staff are often fairly busy.
Magic exists to serve man, not rule over him. 3 minutes ago, By Meredith Stannard
7 viewers Topics: 1,682 Replies: 15,451
New Posts Public Storage

An area provided to store character stats, profiles, and anything else to save space. Go to town.
IDS Records Today, 1:26 AM, By Caulder
1 viewer Topics: 932 Replies: 1,002
Subforums: Character Graveyard

Stories and Archives

New Posts Stories

A section dedicated to recording the storylines and major events of Celestial Refresh. Members may also record their own adventures here.
The Papillon Heart's records... Nov 13 2014, 05:48 PM, By Aigis
0 viewers Topics: 46 Replies: 15
Subforums: Board Lore, Character Chronicles, Prologue: Celestial Eruption

The Moon

New Posts Sea of Moondust

The bulk of the land area on the moon that isn't near any of the faction HQs, coliseum, or Tower of Twilight. Largely devoid of life, these areas are still important however, as they contain the pools of power, Shy Guy Bank, Pawn, and Training Grounds.
Shy Guy Bank 17 minutes ago, By Eoria
0 viewers Topics: 265 Replies: 8,787
Subforums: Hospital of Light
New Posts Multiverse Mall

The multiverse mall is a sprawling building the size of a small town. It features a wide range of shops and kiosks that sell everything from food to weapons and vehicles. Several specialty stores also exist here to give shoppers a taste of anything and everything that can be found in the multiverse. As with any mall, there is also a food court and even a bar and grill!
Celestial Skills Today, 5:55 PM, By Priam
1 viewer Topics: 261 Replies: 5,713
Subforums: Deadpool and Dante's Viewtiful Bar & Grill
New Posts Tower of Twilight

Once the center of the multiverse, the Tower of Twilight is now a recovering work in progress. Many of the people who survived the onslaught of the undead fled to the Lunar Flotilla and stayed there even after the Infected were defeated, but a certain group of pirates has revealed that the Flotilla isn't as safe as it used to be either. Rebuilding efforts are coming to fruition as people begin to move back into the Tower.
A Chance Meeting Today, 10:45 AM, By Aurora
1 viewer Topics: 1,072 Replies: 13,618
New Posts Crater Coliseum

A large coliseum built in the center of a huge crater on the moon by Kombatants. Tournaments of glory, death matches and sparring sessions may be held here.
Snaking Slam Down Yesterday, 1:03 AM, By The Shy Guys
0 viewers Topics: 963 Replies: 11,257
Subforums: Special Event Center
New Posts Lunar Flotilla

A vast collection of ships brought together by the Shy Guys and refugees, the flotilla serves as the new center of trade and information sharing. Holding low orbit over the moon, it was here that those who wished to combat the Infected menace gathered together before departing on their missions. After the Infected were defeated, people still largely lived up here, but a recent raid on a major Shy Guy command ship has weakened the Shy Guy's hold on the flotilla, making it a bit friendlier to the criminal element of the multiverse, and causing more people to begin moving down to the moon proper again.
Caveat Emptor Yesterday, 8:44 AM, By Avarosa
0 viewers Topics: 193 Replies: 2,837


New Posts Terra Ring

While there are some differences, the main factor of these worlds are that they are almost exactly like our own. The technology level is similar, any fantastic elements within them are generally mundane in their application, and humans - or some variant - are the dominant species. Some of these worlds, though, deviate from our own at either a key point in history, or due to some breakthrough or scientific discovery making how things panned out very different.
Undead Slaughter Today, 8:01 PM, By Bowser
0 viewers Topics: 144 Replies: 2,384
Subforums: Gangster Earth, Infected Earth, Patriot Earth, The Wasteland
New Posts Inner Ring
Inner Ring
The closest ring of planets to the Moon - save for the Terra Ring - is filled with planets that are generally more magical in nature and lend themselves to medieval and fantastical elements. Tread lightly in these lands of myth and adventure.
Enemies of Darkness Today, 1:08 PM, By Juliet
1 viewer Topics: 725 Replies: 18,467
Subforums: Faerűn, Hylia, Mundis Crystallis - FFI, Pandemonium - FFII, Sanctuary, Spira - FFX
New Posts Middle Ring
Middle Ring
The Middle Ring of Multiverse worlds are ones that tend to have equal parts technology and magic. The supernatural coexisting alongside the mundane is commonplace to the inhabitants of this ring, and so it is fitting that these worlds have elements and cultures that are somewhat familiar to most multiverse denizens.
The World & Everything in It 4 minutes ago, By Courtney
2 viewers Topics: 562 Replies: 13,390
Subforums: Castle Oblivion, Daybreak Beach, Ivalice - FFXII, Mushroom World, Pokémon World, Traverse Town, Twilight Town
New Posts Outer Ring
Outer Ring
In the outer ring of multiversal worlds, technology tends to hold dominion instead of magic, and the magic that does exist is usually utilized to supplement or power the already-considerable technological prowess to be found here. Space flight is pretty common, and computers connect nations and entire worlds in some cases. Even robotics is studied and practiced in these worlds, but it is not impossible for some supernatural relic to power such constructs alongside conventional energy sources.
Pirates of the Gaian Sea Yesterday, 10:27 PM, By Nami
3 viewers Topics: 403 Replies: 10,185
Subforums: Gaia - FFVII, Mobius, Radiant Garden, Station Square
New Posts Deep Space

These worlds, on the far edges of the multiverse, have perhaps some of its highest technology to be found. Energy weaponry is commonplace, faster than light spaceflight is as unremarkable as modern automobiles, and energy shielding can protect against most any damage. The extreme focus on technology and science means that magic or other fantastic elements are weak, extremely rare, or do not exist at all. Also, it has the Wormhole, which allows characters to travel outside the multiverse.
Operation: Stormbringer Yesterday, 9:10 PM, By Celestial Storm
1 viewer Topics: 257 Replies: 7,462
Subforums: Coruscant, Pirate's Scar (Formerly Delta Halo), Ingresso, Wormhole
New Posts Netherrealm
A desolate plane wandered endlessly by discontented spirits. It is said that only those with the strongest of wills can escape.
This territory can only posted in by dead characters and cannot be taken over.
Renewed Resolve Sep 24 2014, 07:36 AM, By Tsubaki Yayoi
0 viewers Topics: 33 Replies: 583
Subforums: The Pandemonium Fortress


New Posts Advertisements

Part of another RP board that you would like to advertise about? This is the only forum where you may do so, but this is also for nothing else, so feel free to post one or more advertisements here. Please keep in mind that there are a few rules in regards to advertising, and they may be found in a pinned thread within this forum.

Guests may post advertisements for other RP boards.
Haven City - Modern superpowers rp Nov 27 2014, 10:06 PM, By Cynthia
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