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The Moon

New Posts Sea of Moondust

The bulk of the land area on the moon that isn't near any of the faction HQs, coliseum, or Tower of Twilight. Largely devoid of life, these areas are still important however, as they contain the pools of power, Shy Guy Bank, Pawn, and Training Grounds.
Shy Guy Bank Today, 1:11 PM, By Hakuno
Topics: 354 Replies: 15,386
Subforums: Hospital of Light
New Posts Multiverse Mall

The multiverse mall is a sprawling building the size of a small town. It features a wide range of shops and kiosks that sell everything from food to weapons and vehicles. Several specialty stores also exist here to give shoppers a taste of anything and everything that can be found in the multiverse. As with any mall, there is also a food court and even a bar and grill!
Recruitment Center Aug 13 2018, 11:15 PM, By Lyle Hemlock
Topics: 459 Replies: 10,867
Subforums: Deadpool and Dante's Viewtiful Bar & Grill
New Posts Tower of Twilight

The center of the multiverse, the Tower of Twilight is now a recovering work in progress once more. The New Valorians severely damaged the Tower in their gambit to destroy the center of the Prime multiverse, but after being repelled, the residents of the Tower are focusing on rebuilding once more.
The Angel Nurse Aug 10 2018, 12:49 PM, By Fenrich
Topics: 1,373 Replies: 17,218
New Posts Crater Coliseum

A large coliseum built in the center of a huge crater on the moon by Kombatants. Tournaments of glory, death matches and sparring sessions may be held here.
Insane In The Membrane Today, 9:06 PM, By The Shy Guys
Topics: 1,215 Replies: 14,473
Subforums: Special Event Center
New Posts Lunar Flotilla

A vast collection of ships brought together by the Shy Guys and refugees long ago. Holding low orbit over the moon. After the Infected were defeated, people still largely lived up here, but a raid on a major Shy Guy command ship weakened the Shy Guy's hold on the flotilla, making it a bit friendlier to the criminal element of the multiverse. This caused more people to begin moving down to the moon proper again. Still, the Lunar Flotilla suffered plenty of damage from the New Valorian assault on the moon, and chunks of it were outright destroyed, leaving the ships making up the flotilla in disarray.
Inertia Jan 15 2018, 09:51 AM, By New Valorians
Topics: 215 Replies: 3,326

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