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Outer Ring

New Posts Auldrant

A world once shackled to a prophecy, freed by a Replica of one who would have brought about its destruction, Auldrant boasts extensive wilderness, rapidly advancing magitech in its flourishing cities, and some secrets tucked away in its furthest reaches.
Moonslice Feb 7 2018, 06:02 PM, By Yukari Yakumo
Topics: 21 Replies: 124
New Posts Gaia - FFVII

A highly advanced city which has two layers, slums on the ground level, and the city proper on an elevated plate over them.
The Western Wind of Hope Feb 18 2018, 08:08 PM, By Ashley Winchester
Topics: 273 Replies: 4,443
New Posts MegaEarth

A collection of smaller worlds tightly packed together, each of these worlds face their own unique challenges and trials. They all share one common thread; each of these worlds rely heavily on tech, and there are those who will abuse it to their own ends and those who will use it to protect the innocent.
The Unthinking Majority Jan 2 2018, 12:19 AM, By Mima
Topics: 24 Replies: 197
New Posts Mobius

Home of humanoid animals, Sonic and his crew are originally from here. Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik continues to try capture small animals in order to build his robot army. Angel Island is also on this world, which is not only a mystical floating island, but also serves as a gateway between Mobius and the other Sonic worlds.
Red Moon Feb 19 2018, 04:09 AM, By Iji Kataiser
Topics: 108 Replies: 2,937
New Posts Radiant Garden

A world which is a manifestation of the battle between light and darkness. It was once a beautiful planet. Partially warped by the Heartless, it holds many secrets.
The August Strain Feb 18 2018, 10:44 AM, By Kehrolyn Ross
Topics: 85 Replies: 1,692
New Posts Station Square

A very Earth-like world, Sonic and his crew cross over to this dimension after an incident with Eggman. This place has humans, robots and even a secretive army-like agency called GUN.
Reliable Traitor Yesterday, 1:39 AM, By Mordred
Topics: 143 Replies: 3,804

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